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Bash’s wooden camera

June 23, 2017

I think I need to make a new category called “the only reason I’m posting this is to share more photos of my baby and the little things that happen in our life” or something like that. Which I guess I could just rename the blog that since that seems to be most of the content these days :P

But I’m guessing that if you don’t like that then you wouldn’t be here in the first place so I will just continue with my randomness. You’re welcome.

Before Bash was born I saw so many wooden camera toys on Instagram and Pinterest and always loved them. Lucky for me my dad is an expert wood worker (and an amazing Grampa) and he made one for Bash! I love it :)

I have no idea how my dad made it so there isn’t a DIY at the end of this post or anything, BUT there are a bunch of super cute photos of my kid so it’s probably worth a scroll through anyway ;)

Did I mention that he got 2 teeth last month? He did! I’m pretty sure this is the first photo of them in all their glory too because he never lets us see them.

Also, he got a full head of super blonde hair in the past month and I’m a big fan. Especially when it stands straight up in the middle which is what it does 100% of the time.Β 

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