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Tuesday night thoughts

May 17, 2017

Well, it looks like this is slowly becoming more of a diary than a DIY blog these days. I guess I do call it a lifestyle blog so this would be that ‘life’ part?

Life has seasons and the season I’m in right now has a lot less space for crafts and projects and blogging. But I like knowing that I have this little place to come back to when the evening is quiet and life pauses just long enough for me to realize I miss it here.

So here I am.

Tuesday night, baby is sleeping, Matt is away on another work trip, my to-do list for the day got it’s final check mark not long ago, and instead of doing the dishes or watching tv I came here instead. I feel like that was a good decision.

So, what’s on my mind then….

Being grateful that circumstances changed and we’re no longer moving to a new place. We get to stay right here! No stress of finding a new place before the end of the month, or packing, or all those not-fun things that comes from moving. Yay!

Looking forward to June and having life slip back into normalcy with Matt being done all his work trips for the year and me able to work more. And our weird little self-employed life giving us a lot of time to spend together this summer.

Wishing I made more time to do some of the things I used to do in my pre-mom days. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I’m very aware that I’m the one that chooses how I spend my time, but with family, work, and normal life things filling my to-do lists there isn’t usually a whole lot of time left over for frivolous things. Things like taking photos just because. Or making something just for the sake of making. Or even posting on Instagram. Things that might seem pointless or silly, but they’re things I enjoy. And will one day bring back into my life when the time is right.

Feeling… sleepy. Time to go to bed. Good night world!

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