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Bash by the month // zero to six

May 26, 2017

Before Bash was born I saw so many cute ideas on Pinterest and Instagram for monthly photos of baby’s first year. There are SO many.

I had grand plans to do something super creative. After all, I’m a photographer! I should totally be able to pull of something suuuper creative, right? Um. Yeah. Right.

That first month flew by in about 2.5 seconds so when the end of the month arrived I had no plan. I did however have this blanket that I absolutely love (thanks Liz!) so I put it on the floor, laid Bash down in whatever he was wearing at the time, and took some photos. Good enough.

Three seconds later it was the end of month two and time for another photo so once again I just laid Bashipants down on the same blanket, in what he was wearing at the time, and took more photos. By the time he was three months old I was committed to this blanket and saw that a clothing theme has accidentally emerged too. It seemed like all the ingredients I needed had somehow come together and six (almost seven) months later I’m happy to say that it is working out wonderfully and so far I haven’t missed a month. Yay!

So if you are pregnant or a brand new parent and are overwhelmed with not wanting to miss out on cute things like this than here is my advice for you:

  • keep it simple. You won’t have the time or energy to do something complicated every month.
  • consistency is key. Use the same blanket, location, color scheme, etc for each photo and by the end they will all go together nicely.
  • choose something they won’t out grow. When Bash was a newborn the blanket looked huge! But six months later he has already reached the edges. Oops.
  • bonus: add a stuffy or prop into the photos so you can see how much baby has grown every month in comparison! This alligator made it into the first photo because we thought it was funny that it was the same size as Bash and then I just kept putting it in for a few photos once I got the other photos done. I love seeing the size difference!

Now lets all collectively cross our fingers that I can keep this up for the next 6 months too! And that I figure out some way to keep using this same blanket that he’s quickly outgrowing… any suggestions?

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