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Some Lovely Things for April

April 11, 2017

With spring in the air and Easter just around the corner I’ve rounded up a bunch of…. completely unrelated things that I’ve found around the internet lately haha.Β But I hope you enjoy them like I do!

these simplified steps to make a photo book (that’s almost motivating me to do another one) // and these IKEA hacks (for the tiny cooks)

these gorgeous ceramics (that I want to buy all of) // and this highly impractical bag (that I love anyway)

this post about guilt (that I need to remember and practice) // and this one (that I also relate to quite a lot)

this tattoo (that I’m in love with) // and these illustrations (that I would love prints of)

this dress (that gives me all the heart-eyes) // and this one (for the little ladies)

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