Whole 30 [round 2]

March 5, 2017

Last January I shocked myself by successfully completing my first Whole 30 (check out my thoughts on that here), and ever since then I said I wanted to do another one.

Well, a year went by and I still hadn’t done it again. That is until a friend wanted to try it herself and she gave me the accountability push that I needed to get going. Yay friends! You can check out her thoughts on her first Whole 30 on her blog, This Busy Life.

If you want to learn what Whole 30 is all about I would suggest heading over to the official website and doing some reading. There’s a lot of info and helpful resources there to get you going.

Having already done it once I had some preconceived ideas of how this one would go, and I have to say I was pretty wrong on most things. I thought that I would have pretty much the exact same experience the second time around, but that wasn’t the case.

The biggest thing this time was my complete lifestyle change since last year – aka, having no baby and all the time in the world to having a 4 month old who requires all the time in the world. Who knew ;P

So here’s my breakdown and take aways for my Whole 30 round 2:

The beginning

Last time the first week was by far the hardest for me. I had to learn to cook different things, meal plan for every meal, and buy groceries a lot more often than I was used to. And those first few grocery shopping trips were pretty painful reading every.single.ingredient on things before adding them to my cart.

This time I knew that those things would happen so I was a lot more prepared going in to it. I knew what brands of things I could and couldn’t buy (I still checked labels, but I could skip over a lot of things that I knew weren’t compatible) and I stuck to a lot more fresh vegetables to keep things simple.

I didn’t have a crash or cravings this time around. Things were good.

The middle

At this point the first time around I was in my groove. Meals were easier to make, food was easier to buy, and I was feeling good about myself and that I’d come this far. Go me!

I had a few cravings for sweets after meals, but I fixed that by adding some fruit to my meals and drinking apple cider or tea in the evenings.

This time was a bit of a different story. Even though I had meals planned and the right food in the house the one thing I didn’t figure in was time to actually make said meals.

I almost always had a good breakfast (eggs and some kind of veggie breakfast skilled was my go-to) so that was great, but lunch didn’t happen a lot of the time (unless you count handfuls of almonds as lunch..), and then dinner came after I got Bash to bed at 7pm. So there were a lot of days where I pretty much just didn’t eat all day. Not so good.

When I was at the grocery store I would look for Lara bars (there are some that are compliant), but I never found any until the last week. Which might actually be a good thing because I probably would’ve ate way too many.

I also had way more cravings this time around. As in I craved off-limit foods a lot of the time. Maybe it’s because I was hungrier this time around from my lack of having full meals 3 times a day.

The end

By the last week last year I was feeling amazing! Not only physically, but mentally too. I was so proud of myself that I had actually stayed true to this and could see/feel things change in me for the better.

As I hit the last day I didn’t even want to stop. I wasn’t desperate for sweets and snacks and all that food that I had been without for the past 30 days. It was amazing.

I didn’t get to do re-introduction week because we left for a Cuban vacation the next day so I was really looking forward to that this time around…

Yeah, that didn’t happen. *insert eye roll emoji* oops.

The last week this time was the hardest for me. There were a few times where I was close to just giving in and eating something non-compliant so it was a good thing I had someone to be accountable to this time! If it wasn’t for her I definitely wouldn’t have made it through.

But I’m happy to say I stuck to it and completed it!

But by the time day 30 hit I was tired. Tired of cooking, tired of not eating because I didn’t have time to make things, and tired of watching people around me eat donuts (seriously, it happened three times in my own living room while I was doing this).

Final thoughts

Looking back over the month I have to say that I am really glad I did it again. Last time I had a lot more physical changes (more energy, healthier skin, flatter stomach) that for some reason this time around didn’t really happen.

I did lose 7lbs thought which brought me a few pounds below my pre-baby weight so that was awesome to see!

Would I do it a third time? Probably not. However, doing it again has reset my thinking about food again and made me want to keep eating cleaner and healthier.

It’s reminded me that cooking doesn’t have to suck, vegetables can taste really good without loads of butter or cheese sauce on them, and getting full on good foods feels so much better than feeling full on not-so-healthy foods.

Oh, and because I’m all about budgets and where every penny we spend goes, I was really surprised to see that this time I actually spent about $100 less than I usually do in a month’s worth of groceries. Bonus!

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