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Some Lovely Things For March

March 3, 2017

Oh hey, would you look at that… it’s already March! Can someone please tell me where February went? K thanks.

I have about a billion ideas in my head of posts I want to write and things I want to photograph for the blog, but free time hasn’t been on my side (hi, Bash!).

Not complaining because I’m loving life where it’s at right now, but I’m also looking forward to the days where I can get back into this on a regular basis again.

In the meantime here are some lovely things I’ve found around the internet lately…

this post (that really hit home) // and this Instagram account (that I adore)

this delicious brava recipe (that taught me what brava was) // and these salty brownie cookies (that are for Christmas, but I don’t discriminate) // andย this clever way to roast a chicken (that I actually tried and loved)

this shelf/stand thing (that would solve all my plant stand needs) // andย this DIY shower curtain idea (that I would ditch our boring shower curtain for in a second)

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