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DIY baby gym

January 17, 2017

You learn a lot of new things when you become a parent.

Like how long you can bounce a baby for just to keep him happy (about 10 times longer than I thought was humanly possible). Or that folding all those tiny wash cloths is not actually a valuable use of time. Or that this baby contraption is called a “play gym”.

I Googled something like “baby mobile play thing” before I discovered that someone decided it’s called a gym. I’m still not sold on that name, but since it’s far less words than I was using I’ll go with it.

When Bash was about a month old and starting to track things with his tiny baby eyes I realized that we didn’t have anything for him to look at when he was laying down.

It’s probably due to the fact that I really don’t like all those plastic, colorful toys out there and have made that quite clear to everyone in our life. But that’s resulted in Bash not really having any toys… sorry kid.

I looked online and found out that most play gyms out there were way over priced in my opinion – except maybe this one from IKEA. But again, I didn’t think it was very good looking and everyone knows aesthetics are what 1 month olds appreciate the most ;)

So I decided to DIY it! Then quickly realized we have no tools or wood to actually do that. BUT I do have an amazing mother-in-law whose father has a wood workshop. We asked them to make us a wooden frame and within a day we had it in our living room. Thanks guys!!

They took 4 pieces of wood, cut the same length and attached them at the top with a dowel. They drilled holes in the middle of the legs so we could attach strings through to help support it when it’s standing.

I found the wooden letters and beads at Michael’s for a couple dollars a piece, and Matt drilled holes in the letters so I could string them up.

And now Bash has his very own, neutral and gorgeous play gym!

Which he couldn’t care less about…. that is until I clipped on a bunch of plastic, colorful rings and toys and then he loved it. Insert eye rolling here. Two months old and he already doesn’t care what I think and wants to do his own thing ;)

If you want measurements leave me a comment below and I’ll get them for you!

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