30 before 30 // a year in review

January 20, 2017

Last January, on the day before my 29th birthday, I posted my 30 Before 30 list. Thirty things that I wanted to accomplish during the last year of my twenties.

In 3 days I will be turning 30 and although I didn’t get everything on my list done I am still pretty happy with how many things I did do!

You can check out the original list here, but here’s my year in review:

  1. vacation with Matt // I did say I wanted a non work/family trip which we didn’t do exactly, but we did get to go to Cuba for a week with family and Vancouver for a week inbetween 2 work trips. So I can’t complain. Those posts here, here, and here.
  2. make a quilt // yeah, this didn’t happen in any way. This one has been on my to-learn list for years, but I just can’t get myself to start! I thought that with a baby coming that would motivate me, but nope. Still nothing. So maybe I don’t actually want to learn it as much as I thought I did?
  3. run for 30 minutes // I’m not a runner in the first place, and then I got pregnant so I didn’t think starting then would be a great idea. And now it’s Ontario winter which means cold and very, very icey. Maybe next year.
  4. get a tattoo // Done! And with good timing too because a few days later I found out I was pregnant so I wouldn’t have been able to do it I had waited. I’m already planning my next one which will hopefully happen this year. Post on that here.
  5. get a massage // Done. Twice! All thanks to my mother-in-law who took us girls for them in Cuba and then gave me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage for Mother’s Day. They were just as amazing as I’d always imagined.
  6. do Whole 30 // Done. I did this one for the whole month of January and it was weirdly amazing. I’m planning on doing it again at the end of this month! Post here.
  7. road trip/overnight trip to Vermont or New York City // definitely didn’t happen. Turns out we’re only good at going places when other people are involved I guess.
  8. grow a mini garden // Done. I grew strawberries and chives on our deck and they didn’t die! Because I planted them in planters they are currently wintering in our basement storage area so I’m crossing my fingers that they survive until this summer. Post here.
  9. lipstick and eyeliner // Done. It might sound like an odd one, but I was kind of scared of both these things. But I’ve been using them for a while now and am a big fan! Yay for new things. Post here.
  10. 30 day yoga challenge // I know I already used the pregnant excuse for not running so I probably can’t use it again. I don’t have a good excuse for not doing this one.
  11. read the Bible in a year // I was doing so good at this one right up until April. I was reading every day, but then we went away for our month long trip and I never caught up again once we got back. I’ve recently heard of the app/program “She Reads Truth” so I might give that a go and see if it helps me stay on track better.
  12. make cheesecake // Done. And boy was it delicious. And expensive. And not really worth the effort. But now I know, and isn’t the point of all this to learn things? Post here.
  13. write a letter to my future self // I didn’t know when I was going to do this and at some point I thought I’d wait until just before by 30th birthday. But then one day in October – the day before my due date, I decided to write it. I also wrote one for baby-to-be. I think I still might write one on my birthday this year too because a lot has changed since October 30th.
  14. get a Kate Spade purse // I never thought that this one would ever happen. But it did! Post here.
  15. have a grown up house // I’m going to file this one under done even though it’s technically not where I’d like it to be. But we have a nursery that I actually really like and a few changed to our bedroom that have made me like it more. One day the rest of the house might follow. Nursery reveal here.
  16. new logo and branding // This hasn’t happened yet, but I’m actually okay with that for now. I still want to do it, but I’ve been busy working on my business instead which is the more important thing right now anyway.
  17. learn how to edit video // I wanted to do this one to push myself to do something I didn’t like. But why do I want to spend my time doing something I don’t like? I don’t know… it seemed to make sense at the time. I’m okay with avoiding video and editing and sticking to photography.
  18. read a book a month // I didn’t reach this goal, but I did manage to read 7 books this year. Seven! That’s about 6 more than I usually get through so I’m pretty excited about that. I signed up with Good Reads and love the suggestions and goal tracking it has going on. I also have 2 books in my possession right now for the day when I feel like I can sit down and read something again. Book post here.
  19. get bangs // Did it. Loved in. Regretted it for a day. Was good with it again. And have been growing them out ever since. I’m glad I tried it, but turns out I’m too low maintenance to deal with bangs and prefer my hair long and boring like it’s been my whole life. Post here.
  20. go for a walk for an entire day // When we were in Vancouver this is exactly what we did. Can I go back now please?
  21. do a photo challenge // After over complicating this one in my mind I decided to stop and just do something achievable. So I did a Day in the Life. It was a fun project and I liked that it was started and finished in a day. Check it out here.
  22. design a family tree and get it printed // I want to check this one off as done, but I know I shouldn’t cheat. We have quite the family tree compiled and I’ve started trying to design it a few times, but wow is it time consuming to try and create something like this. I might just end up printing out a typical tree layout so that we have it out to see. Still working on that one..
  23. shoot more (#girlbosses) // Done. I love my job. I met a bunch of new people this year, made some photos of beautiful people, and love where my business is going. Here’s to more of that in 2017! Photos here.
  24. learn Snapchat // Done. I figured it all out, used it for a few months, and then Instagram Stories came out and I stopped caring about Snapchat anymore. So moral of the story is: don’t put technology related things on your 30 before 30 list because it will be irrelevant really quickly ;)
  25. start a family // Done! And it’s the cutest family I’ve ever seen ;) Post here.

So, it turns out I never actually finished coming up with 30 things. Oops. So instead here are 5 things that happened this year that are list-worthy:

  1. visit my besties //  Canada is too big a country. Especially when your closest friends live on the opposite side and in the middle of it, and it costs more to fly around Canada than it does to fly to Europe. Or a week long vacation down South. It’s not fair. BUT I was so lucky this year and got to visit friends in BC in April and have another come here in October. Unexpected, but definitely a highlight of the year.
  2. get a new car // This never even crossed my mind until the summer when we tried putting our brand new car seat into my tiny old car. There were other factors too, but we quickly realized that an upgrade was needed and we lucked out finding the perfect car for us really quickly!
  3. make new friends // I’m the first to admit that I’m not good at making new friends. My closest friends are people I’ve known since birth – that’s hard to compete with. But I’ve lived in Ottawa for over 3 years now and know that I need to stop being a hermit so I made an effort to meet some new people. Some through Instagram other through jobs, but all lovely ladies who I need to reconnect with now that I have this mom-baby routine figured out a bit more. Anyone want to go for coffee? Send me a text! I’ll try and do the same :)
  4. get my work published // Last year I shot for Edible Ottawa, Our Homes magazine,, and some businesses in the city as well. I also started a gallery for published work on my website. Yay!
  5. make a new list // I haven’t decided yet if it will be a 35 Before 35 list, life bucket list, 2017 goals…. but I’ve started a new list of things I’d like to do and will share it soon :)

Do you have a bucket list? What kind of things would you put on it if you did? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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