December 10, 2016

Story time: I’ve moved around this country a whole bunch of times over the past 10 years and each time I would get more and more ruthless on what belongings I would keep or get rid of.

Can I get it in the new city for the same cost as shipping it? If yes, then to the donation bin it went.
Does it hold any sentimental value that I will truly miss if I don’t keep it? No? Add it to the giveaway pile.
Is it something I can live without over the next couple of weeks while I move? Yes? buh-bye!

Pretty ruthless.

In my last move I had my whole life’s contents down to about 5 boxes and a suitcase.

However, I have this set of generic linen-lined wicker baskets that I got for Christmas when I was a kid (I was a weird kid that was obsessed with baskets for time).

Baskets that I could easily buy in any city.
Baskets that don’t really have any sentimental value.
Baskets that I can definiltey live without at any time.

But yet I’ve gotten rid of other things so I could keep them. I’ve paid to move them around to seven different cities.

So what’s the point of this long-winded story you ask? I love a good looking basket, box, or bag! Yep, all that to show how seriously I take containers ;)

(PS want to see the infamous wicker? Take a look at my nursery reveal and you’ll find them)

I first got connected with UASHMAMA (pronounced “wash-mama”) through Instagram earlier this year, and when they reached out to me to collaborate I was all ears!

If you haven’t heard of UASHMAMA yet it is a small family owned brand based in Italy. They make a variety of gorgeous products, but it’s their process that I think really makes them stand out.

“UASHMAMA washable paper looks and feels like leather, but washes with ease. Our bags are soft yet resilient, where the manufacturing process is similar to leather as the paper is stretched and tanned making it durable to withstand washing and daily use.

… Paper that washes like fabric holding it’s form so it can be used over and over again promoting sustainability perfect for catering and home wares. Originally designed as bread bags, over time the uses, finishes and designs have become so much more. Their usefulness is limited only by ones imagination. Countless and ever new, depending on taste and trends, which do not follow any fashion, only the inspiration of its creator: Marco Marconi.”

It’s pretty much paper that’s been transformed into leather! How cool is that?

I have the paniere in grey and found so many different uses for it. I’m always a sucker for gift baskets especially when the packaging is just as pretty and useful as the contents :)

Since the bags are washable it’s okay if they get wet – which makes them great for planters! (although they aren’t waterproof so I would suggest keeping the plant in it’s original pot and then put it in the bag so it doesn’t sit in water)

Who doesn’t love a good tote bag! I think my knitting projects should live in there this winter… and then get kicked out for picnics and evenings strolls in the summer time. 

Yes, I know. It’s another gift basket. But look how cozy it is! Hot chocolate, marshmallows, blanket scarf, and that adorable little mug ornament. A perfect Christmas gift for … well, you probably ;)

I took it into the nursery and saw about 100 different ways I could use it… toy bin, blanket storage, book basket, change table organizer. The list goes on…

And here are a few of my other favorites that can be found in their online shop too. Look at that metallic! As much as I love the neutrals I can appreciate some shiny rose gold once in a while too :)

With Christmas being only a couple of weeks away they’re offering free shipping until the end of the month. Woo!

Or if you’re in Ottawa you can find the bags locally at JV Studio, Boogie + Birdie, and Vincent or you can check out their holiday pop-up shop that’s happening on December 15-18 at Patrick Mikhail Gallery (2401 Bank Street).

You can find a list of their other stockists across Canada on their website.

*this post has been sponsored by UASHMAMA.ca. All opinions are my own

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