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Simply Lovely // October

October 31, 2016

Simply Lovely October //

I meant to write this last week, but time got away from me as usual. But seeing as how it’s still October for one more day I thought I’d squeeze it in quickly.

This month has been the busiest of the year in (mostly) the best ways possible. I was super busy with work – new clients, repeat clients, and getting to shoot a lot of things that I really love.

I had always thought that I would gradually slow things down in this last month of pregnancy, but I just kept saying “yes” to people and booking more jobs. Looking back I’m still so glad I did though! I’ve mentioned before how fortunate I am to have been feeling great the past 9 months, so I was happy that I was able to keep working this long.

Simply Lovely October //

Being self-employed my version of maternity leave will look quite different than most people’s too I think. Right now I’m planning on taking November off… something about needing lots of rest and taking care of a tiny new human ;) And work usually slows down over Christmas for us too, so I’m thinking that if all goes well I’ll be getting back into things in the new year. Kind of crazy to think that last new years I wasn’t even pregnant yet, and this one coming up I’ll have a baby and be trying to figure out some sort of home-work-momlife balance. Just goes to show how life can change in a year :)

My bff also came to visit me last week for a whole week! We’ve known each other since birth, lived together for 3 years in our 20’s, were maid-of-honors at each other’s weddings, and have a a friendship that lives on even though we now live 3,205km apart. She came and cooked and cleaned for me (because she’s awesome). We shopped, watched movies, and did all the homebody things that we love to do. Also distracted us from waiting around for this baby to show up :)

Simply Lovely October //

It’s been a while but tonight I did something on my 30 before 30 list! I was planning on waiting until my birthday to write a letter to my future self, but then I thought it would be fun to write one before the baby too. So that’s what I did.

It’s not long or overly sentimental, but it felt good to get a few things down on paper about what life looks like now. I also wrote one to the little guy… I don’t know if he will care about it or think it’s cool one day, but either way I know that I will look back on it one day and probably shake my head at how simple I thought life was way back in 2016 (insert gramma emoji).

Letter to my future self - 30 before 30 busket list // Letter to my future self - 30 before 30 busket list //

And now I’m ready for November to come. Ready to see how life will get turned upside down in all the best ways. Ready to make myself take some time off and really enjoy all the ‘firsts’ that are coming our way.

With all that being said, this might just be the last post for a little while too. I was planning on scheduling a bunch of posts so that I wouldn’t miss a beat, but that didn’t happen and I’m just going with it now. The blog won’t be forgotten, and I’m sure it won’t take long before it’s flooded with a million photos and stories of a chubby new baby (#sorrynotsorry), but I’m also giving myself permission to let it go for a time without guilt.

But I will be back! And in the meantime you can follow along on Instagram @thelovelythingsblog if you want updates :)

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  • Reply Liz November 3, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    And now he is here! I hope you realize how awesome this post is – written the day before he arrived…or the day he arrived, depending if you even went to bed the night you wrote this. I bet he will find that letter super special when he is older! Now enjoy that baby and any free time you have sleeping!!

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