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DIY nursery wall art

October 30, 2016

Modern and minimalist nursery Wall Art - To the Moon and Back //

The nursery is done!

I mentioned in the last post with the room reveal that there was one empty wall that I needed to do something with and I’m happy to say that I actually finished it. And with 1 day until my due date to spare ;)

Instead of something complicated or expensive I decided to go with simple and easy: the engineering print.

I’ve made them for our house before (check them out here) and I love how fast, inexpensive, and easy they are! Not to mention that you can customize them and make them fill a big space too.

If you’re not familiar with it an “engineering print” is basically a photocopy-quality, black and white print that you can get made for a couple of dollars at most print shops. In Canada, Staples is the place to go (they should really be paying me for sponsorship at this point. Ha!).

They can print up to 24″ on the short end and as long as you want, and you pay per foot. For example a 24×30″ print is roughly $3.

I knew that I would need 2 prints to fill the space so I went with this quirky whale in space, which is actually album artwork from one of Matt’s favorite bands AND the tattoo he got earlier this year so it seemed kind of perfect. I also love quotes so for the second print I went with part of the quote “I love you to the moon and back and more than all the stars” which I thought also tied in well with the planets.

And now for a little DIY on how to “frame” and hang them!

Modern and minimalist nursery Wall Art - To the Moon and Back //

DIY nursery wall art

What you need:

Download the image and copy it onto a USB drive. Take it over to Staples or your print shop and ask them to print it full size. Our store usually has it ready within a couple of hours.

Cut your dowel or wooden piece in half with a hand saw. The ones I bought were actually 47″ so I ended up having to trim down my print a bit so that the paper wouldn’t go past the wood.

Use your hot glue gun to glue the dowels to the top and bottom edges of the front of the print.

Flip it over and glue the string or ribbon to the top corners of the back of the dowel. Let it dry/cool completely before hanging it up.

Because they’re so lightweight I just used a flathead thumbtack to hang them on the wall. Command strips also work great.

Modern and minimalist nursery Wall Art - To the Moon and Back // Modern and minimalist nursery Wall Art - To the Moon and Back //

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