A Day in the Life // September 16 2016

September 23, 2016

A Day in the Life //

I’ve been wanting to do some sort of photo project for a while, but couldn’t figure out exactly what that would look like.

I thought about doing a 30 day challenge, but since I take photos almost daily anyway that wasn’t all that inspiring to me. I went through a few other ideas before coming to the conclusion that a project didn’t need to take days, weeks, or months to be legit. Why not do it in a day!

I remembered seeing other people do “day in the life” photos for Project Life scrapbooks or as an Instagram challenge so I thought I’d do my own version of it for here :) I also thought it could be fun to have one of our pre-parent days documented to remember what life was like then. And after he’s born I can attempt to do this again.. if I remember.

Anyway, let’s get to it! Welcome to my Day in the Life as it happened on a regular Friday in September…

A Day in the Life //

8:37 am // this is my view when I wake up every morning. I’m officially 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant, but it’s still so hard to believe that in 7ish weeks there will be a tiny human sleeping in there next to us.

I grab my phone and scroll through Instagram, check emails, and read the daily update on my baby app to see what he’s up to. He’s rolls around the whole time… probably to remind me that he’s very real and not just the fruit comparison of the week on my phone ;)

A Day in the Life //

9:34 am // get up, brush teeth, shower. Take this photo and realize just how pregnant I actually look to people despite not feeling that huge. Yikes

A Day in the Life // www.thelovelythings.comA Day in the Life //

10:42 am // morning cappuccino ritual begins. Matt makes us drinks and I make us breakfast.

A Day in the Life //

11:23 am // decide that today is the day I’m going to make a billion freezer meals to have for after the baby arrives.

A Day in the Life //

12:44 pm // while meals are slow cooking and baking in the oven I tackle some office paper work. Accounting, invoicing, emails… a bunch of those fun self employed tasks.

A Day in the Life // A Day in the Life //

1:16 pm // it’s a gorgeously sunny day, but finally fall-weather enough out to wear a sweater and pants. Yay! We go for a walk around our neighbourhood to get outside for a bit.

1:43 pm // back home. make some more freezer meals.

A Day in the Life //

2:46 pm // photoshoot planning and propping for upcoming shoots.

A Day in the Life // www.thelovelythings.comA Day in the Life //

3:58 pm // afternoon coffee time for Matt, tea time for me.

A Day in the Life //

6:27 pm // send some more emails, tackle editing, and deliver images to clients. How is it getting dark outside already?!

A Day in the Life //

7:37 pm // see on Facebook that there’s a huge deal on diapers at a local store so we jump in the car and go stock up. Because that’s what cool parents-to-be do on Friday nights, right?

A Day in the Life //

For some reason once we get home I forget about the camera for the rest of the night, but we get back just in time to watch Big Brother (bad reality tv is the best tv, amirite?) and make some dinner.

I finally finish making all those freezer meals (I wasn’t joking when I said I was making a billion. I really hope we like eating lasagna for days….), clean up the kitchen, and settle on the couch for a night of watching Netflix.

11:30ish // I fall asleep on the couch while watching a show, and head to bed once the credits roll… and make Matt tell me everything that happened in the episode that I missed… he loves that :P

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