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Some Lovely Things for August

August 19, 2016

Some Lovely Things for August //

We’re halfway through August and already at the second last Friday of the summer. How did that happen?? If someone could please explain this to me that would be great.

Here are some links to cool things I’ve found around the interwebs this month. Happy weekending!

these wall decals (that I would plaster my house in if I could) // and this passport cover (that would make airports a little more fun)

this raspberry lemonade spritzer recipe (that I need to try) // and this diy leather tassel (that is super cute)

these sunnies (that my face needs) // and this shirt (that sums up my vibe)

this hilarious diy hot dog balloon garland (that every summer party needs) // and these pineapple icecube trays (because it is still summer time)

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