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Five things I’ve learned in the first 7 months

August 25, 2016

Five things I've learned as a first time mom //

I keep saying I don’t want to turn this into a mommy-blog, but I’m slowly realizing that if this blog is about my life than it’s going to go that way somewhat anyway. So time to embrace it folks! I am ;)

So, baby Z. He’s growing so big these days! I say he is, because it makes me feel better than saying I’m the one that’s growing ;) I’m officially 30 weeks and 3 days now and everything is right on track according to the pros though. Yay!

I’m zero percent claiming to be able to give advice on pregnancy because let’s face it – all I’ve done so far is watch this bump grow all spring and summer. But I have learned a few things for myself in this whirlwind of a time so although they’re not groundbreaking I thought it was worth sharing my two-cents anyway. Maybe another first timer out there can relate :)

Five things I've learned as a first time mom //

Five things I’ve learned so far about this whole first-time-parents-to-be thing:

1. Buy all the impractical and adorable things now while it still seems like a good idea because after baby shows up it’s probably on to only the necessities. We’re currently in the “newborns definitely need teeny running shoes and slouchy hipster hats” phase. I’m going with it.

2. Despite what the world would seem to have you believe, I think that summer is the perfect time to be pregnant. And this is coming from someone who lives in a 2nd floor apartment with no air conditioning and more +40° days this year than I can count.

Looser clothes and summer dresses mean not having to buy new clothes – and if you do they’re generally cheaper than winter clothes.
No jackets mean not having buying a new winter coat.
No icy sidewalks or snow covered driveways mean going for walks whenever you want.
Personally I tend to eat better in the summer since I want all the fresh fruit and lighter foods (ignore all my ice cream posts on Instagram for a second please) as opposed to the comfort foods and cookie filled days of winter.
My list could go on, but you probably get my point. And if I’m ever pregnant in the winter I’m sure there will be lots of perks too – like not sweating my face off in a +40° apartment by just sitting and not moving – but I’m looking on the positive side here!

3. I’ll admit that I don’t like reading books or websites or blogs about pregnancy – they all kind of freak me out tbh. BUT there are two websites that I will go to when I have a question that I want a realistic answer to: Pregnant Chicken and Lucie’s List. They were both recommended to me by other mommas I know and both websites have the same sarcastic and humorous, but still informative things on them.

One day, early on, I was frustrated with the amount of “useless” advice people were giving me. Okay so it probably wasn’t useless, but to me it all seemed like common sense and what I really wanted to know was the things that nobody talked about. Pregnant Chicken is all over that answering pretty much everything in a way that isn’t preachy or overbearing. Perfect for me.

4. Okay, so Babylist is the coolest thing ever. It’s a registry website, but it lets you add things from any website or store on the internet AND you can even add things like help/favors (home cooked meals or babysitting for example) and funds for things like diapers or… college. Seriously. It covers everything.

We’re not big registry people, but I realized that even if we didn’t use it to send it to other people it’s also a great way for us to know what we need to get before baby Z shows up. And you know I’m all about those lists so that pretty much won me over right off the bat ;)

5. When people say that everyone’s pregnancies are different they aren’t lying.

I say that because pretty much everything that I’ve ever heard that should happen hasn’t really happened. I’ve been extremely blessed these past seven months and I’ve somehow got to skip over the terrible things that usually come with having a baby growing inside you. If I’m being honest I don’t even like talking about it because I feel like if I haven’t had morning sickness, tiredness, trouble sleeping, etc then I’ll face the wrath of everyone who has gone through those things. Like I’m not doing it right if I haven’t gone through these things.

Basically all I’m saying is that if you’re talking with a pregnant lady and she’s having a rough time than sympathize and be there for her. And if she’s having a fantastic pregnancy then celebrate that with her and make her feel great about it! *gets off soapbox*

I’m sure the next 7 months are going to give me a lot more than five things to talk about, but I’m excited to see what our life will be like then!

What are some of the things that you learned before your first baby arrived that surprised you? Let me know in the comments below!

Five things I've learned as a first time mom //

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  • Reply Hollan August 25, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    I can relate to almost everything you just wrote! I’m almost 29 weeks myself, getting excited/nervous about this last leg of the baby making journey. I think the one thing I’m learning is that you have to just do your own thang when it comes to being a momma and parent. People have soooo much to say (some good, some not so much) but I think you know yourself best and what will work for you and your family. I’ve been working on my babylist myself. Isn’t it awesome? Was against a registry in the beginning but when I discovered this option, I decided to go for it. Good luck feom here on out!


    • Reply amyzambonin August 25, 2016 at 4:57 pm

      Congrats on your little one! I totally agree with you.. it can be hard to try and figure it all out with so many opinions and experiences coming at you, but way less stressful when you decide to do what’s best for you and your family :) And yes! Babylist is like the redemption to all other registries out there haha. Love it.
      All the best to you too!


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