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Easy half moon mani

August 2, 2016

Eaasy half moon mani //

It’s  been a while since I took some time to sit still and paint my nails, but last week I did just that.

If I’m going to try something out of the norm I usually reach for the masking tape and do something like this. But I had these round stickers laying around and thought I’d give them a go to try a half moon type of thing – and it worked! Except for me not being patient enough and letting them dry all the way… oops.

But anyway, here’s what you do for the easy half moon mani

Eaasy half moon mani //

Grab 2 contrasting nail polish colors and some round stickers.

If you want a really pronounced crescent shape your stickers will need to be different sizes to match the size of your nail. I did mine all the same size so my thumbs you could see the shape and my pinkies were more of a line. 

Start by painting all your nails with the lighter color doing multiple coats if necessary. Let them dry for a long time! Maybe a few hours even. I waited for probably 20 minutes and it wasn’t long enough so the sticker took off some of the polish with it… oops.

When they’re dry and good to go take your stickers and place them on your nails about 2/3 of the way up. Press them down really well so that paint won’t seep through.

Eaasy half moon mani //

Take your second, darker color and paint the top part of your nail that doesn’t have the sticker.

Let it dry and carefully remove the stickers.

Eaasy half moon mani //

Use a qtip and nail polish remover to clean up around the edges if needed and finish with a clear top coat

(full disclosure: I never actually do this, but everyone else seems to think it’s a good idea so I’ll throw it in to sound more official. I hardly have enough patience to sit through doing this that by the time I’m done I don’t want to wait for another coat of something to dry :P )

To check out some other easy manis search “nail art” in the search bar at the top over there on the right!

Eaasy half moon mani //

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