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Canadian made cool kids clothes and designs

July 22, 2016

Canadian Designer baby clothes and accessories //

Do you ever follow a bunch of shops on Instagram, like a bunch of their posts, but never actually go to their websites? I’m so guilty of this… oops.

Lately I’ve been finding (and following) a ton of Canadian shops with handmade kids clothes that I’m totally in love with, so I finally took some time to track them down online and browse through their shops instead of just their IG feeds. Go me!

And I decided that since I was putting in all that effort I would make it easy on anyone else that wanted to find some new and awesome Canadian kiddo designers and compile all my current faves in one place :)

**warning: I didn’t make it through all the websites without ordering something. If you can you’re much stronger than I am**

Canadian Designer baby clothes and accessories //

Okay, lets kick this off with the one that started it all. The Wild is 100% my vibe… black and white, simple designs, illustrations, forest critters…. I’m pretty much in love with everything they have!

The Wild (@thewildkidsapparel)

where: Hamilton, Ontario

my favorite things:
Onesies $28
T-shirts and sweatshirts $28-35
Soft pillows $24

shipping: $10

The Wild //

This is the shop that got me – I ordered a couple of their bandana bibs because they were a great price and had awesome prints! I love the whole bandana thing instead of old school bibs. Good job designers :)

Love Squared Kids (@lovesquaredkids)

where: Whitby, Ontario

my favorite things:
Bandana bibs $9
Leather moccasins $35

shipping: $3-9 or free local pickup

Love Squared Kids //

As you can see from my favorite things list I had a hard time narrowing it down for Modern Baby. Slouchy hipster hats, geometric animal prints, and the greatest variety of prints? I’ll take them all please!

Modern Baby (@modernbaby_)

where: Victoria, BC

my favorite things:
Blankets $52
Leggings $30-38
Organic teething toy $15.42
Hipster hats $16-20
Bibs and bandana bibs $17

shipping: $7.95

Modern Baby The Wild //

I first saw these guys in shops in Ottawa and thought their sleepsacks were the perfect baby shower gift when you want to get something unique. PS They also have shirts with snap on ties and bowties that are pretty adorable too.

Electrik Kidz (@electrikkidz)

where: Montreal, Quebec

my favorite things:
Sleepsacks $38.99
Bandana bibs $11.99-$24.99

shipping: $5-15 or free local pickup. If you’re in Ottawa you can also find them at Flock Boutique, Workshop Boutique, and Terra20

Electrik Kidz //

Handstamped blankets and swaddlers FTW!

Flamingo Baby (@flamingobabyorganics)

where: Kingston, Ontario

my favorite things: Muslin swaddle blankets $34-36

shipping: $12

Flamingo Baby //

All their little baby models look like super cool kids I want to hang out with. But really. ADORABLE.

Von Bon (@vonbonapparel)

where: Vancouver, BC

my favorite things:
Knotted hats $15-25
Harem leggings $39

shipping: around $15 or free local pickup. Also available at my favorite Vancouver boutique, The Cross Decor & Design

Von Bon //

Eco friendly and they donate a portion of their sales to BC’s Mental Health Foundation, so not only can you have the best dressed kid around but you can also help support a great cause.

Little Voyagers (@littlevoyagers)

where: Vancouver, BC

my favorite things:
Organic cotton leggings $30
Rompers $40

shipping: free shipping!

Little Voyagers //

Look at those joggers! Let’s be real, I kind of want a pair for myself….

Mayflower Mateys (@mayflowermateys)

where: Nova Scotia

my favorite things:
Cotton shorts $20
Cotton joggers $15

shipping: $4+

Mayflower Mateys //

Dapper Jacks (@dapper_jacks

where: Toronto, Ontario

my favorite things:
Rompers $32
Slouchy baby beanie hat $10

Shipping $3.50+

Dapper Jacks //

Honorable mention goes to US company Bug + Wink. Prices in US dollars and ships from Denver, but I think their designs are hilarious and the kids in their insta feed look sooo cool. I want to be them.

Bug + Wink (@bug_and_wink

where: Denver, Colorado, USA

my favorite things:
Hats (toddler) $20USD
Shirts (6 months-6T depending on the shirt) $20USD

shipping: (to Canada) $5USD

Bug + Wink //

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