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Simply Lovely // June

June 28, 2016

#supportlocal - Ottawa Tropical Greenhouse //

Is it really the end of June already? Like actually? It’s been an absolutely crazy month filled with a bunch of unexpected work, a pretty much forgotten blog (oops), and a calendar that keeps filling up with busy things.

I’m definitely on the “stop the glorification of busy” train and I much prefer a slower paced, some might say boring, life to one filled to the brim with tasks, appointments, and full calendar pages. But in two days June will come to a close and there will be a brand new month of things to tackle! I know I need to try and bring some focus back into my life and not let the unfinished to-do lists stress me out.

I love summer, and July has always been my favorite month of the year, so I’m determined to enjoy each day as much as I can without letting the whole month slip by in a whirlwind like June did.

So here’s to summer and a month of ice cream, beaches, sunshine, beaches, and checked off to-do lists ;)

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