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Father’s Day gift idea round up

June 14, 2016

Father's Day gift idea round-up //

As I was thinking about what I should post for Father’s Day this year I decided to have a look around my favorite blogs to see what kind of brilliant things other people have come up with over the years. And do you know what I found? Very, very little. So then I searched my own blog to see what I had done in the past…. “no results found”.

Oops, sorry daddio’s. For some reason you’ve been totally skipped over by the internet.

So I searched around a lot more and finally came up with some awesome DIY’s, gift ideas, and general guy-focused ideas for his day (which by the way is this Sunday, June 19th)

And here they are!

manly notebooks // Alfamarama ($9.55)
diy leather notebooks // The Merry Thought
Father's Day gift idea round-up //

diy wood topped cooler (probably should be filled with beer too, just saying) // almost makes perfectFather's Day gift idea round-up //

beer glasses // Chapters Indigo ($11-16 each)Father's Day gift idea round-up //

Papa Bear + Baby Bear shirts // Maley Designs ($40)
Papa Bear t-shirt // Wowafter ($20)
or if you want to get crafty you can make your own
Father's Day gift idea round-up //

Root Beer sampler (or you could make one with whatever his favorite drink or snack is) // The Indigo BuntingFather's Day gift idea round-up //

leather BBQ mitt // Chapters Indigo  ($19.50)
You could also throw in some high quality steaks and give him a delicious BBQ lunchFather's Day gift idea round-up //

Car mat t-shirts // bky kid ($50+)
Father's Day gift idea round-up //

Coffee subscription // The Roasters Pack ($26.95+)Father's Day gift idea round-up //

Dad U Rock cupcakes // Oh Happy DayFather's Day gift idea round-up //

Father’s Day printable gift tags // almost makes perfectFather's Day gift idea round-up //

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