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Simply Lovely // May

May 27, 2016

Simply Lovely May //

I feel like a lot of little things have been happening around here lately, and also SUMMER WEATHER! Okay, so maybe it hasn’t been that hot out but there were a few days of shorts and iced coffees and that was enough to convince me that’s its summer time now.

This past month I had a lot of “I should blog this!” moments, but then realized that whatever *it* was wasn’t really post-worthy so instead I’m making this post about all my random happenings. So welcome to the ramblings of Amy today :)

Chevron yellow and grey area rug //

First off, we got an area rug! It totally doesn’t match anything in our house and we still don’t own a vacuum, but it makes me feel like we’re one step close to adultifying (that’s a word now, just decided) our apartment. Because adults have area rugs, right?

When we were hanging out with my sister-in-law’s frenchie, Penny, she asked us to photograph her on our lovely new rug. So obviously we had to :P

Simply Lovely May //

In continuing this home makeover (which will probably take 100 years, but I’ve just come to embrace that now) we reorganized our bedroom closet and made it SO much better. Yay! It’s not completely done yet – I still need to find a good way to organize folded clothes that are on the top shelf (suggestions please!), but I’m so much happier with where it’s going now.

I also found a little table that’s perfect for a night stand! Value Village for the win! Now I need to learn how to properly paint furniture because I’m pretty convinced that it needs to be white. Shocking, I know ;)

Simply Lovely May //

Speaking of second hand things I have been on a roll with selling a whole bunch of stuff on Kijiji lately and it feels so good! I’ve officially made $215 on things that I was just going to throw out or donate to the thrift store. Wooo! I’m the type of person who has absolutely no problem getting rid of things so it’s been nice to see that I can actually make some money off it while I’m at it. Now I just have a box of books and some other random things to donate and my house will feel even more clutter-free. Bonus.

Another speaking of which: books!

Way back in January I decided to get a library card in an effort to make myself read more. I love the free books part of it, but hate the 3 week timeline. I’m so not good at finishing books in 3 weeks or less anymore. But the point is that I took 2 books out and I’m halfway through the first one and still have 2 weeks to go so fingers crossed I can get through them both. Wish me luck!

Simply Lovely May // www.thelovelythings.comOkay, last rambling of the day. A few weeks ago I had my first moment of not knowing technology that *everybody* else knows and I suddenly felt super old and out of the loop. This was the exact line I wrote in my planner to make myself learn it:

“learn Snapchat, grandma”

Snapchat - Simply Lovely May //

Yeah. Snapchat. Apparently it’s the big thing now. Kids are already bored of it so now’s the time the rest of us jump on bored and think it’s still cool ;)

I took a couple days (because it took me that long to commit, okay??), made myself use it, and now I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Although every time I post something I feel like Sarah Jessica Parker when she first got InstagramSo really what I’m saying is now is the time to follow me for unintentional hilarious posts and a lot of “why did she even post that” moments. You’re welcome.

Oh, and you can find me at amyzambonin

Simply Lovely May //

Have a lovely weekend!

PS most photos in this post are are from my iPhone/Instagram. You can follow me @thelovelythingsblog! Or you can check out my real photography here!

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  • Reply Jo Tucker May 31, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    Amy- I so wanted to read that book you’re holding– the readers of…. I saw it at the library today! How was it?

    • Reply amyzambonin May 31, 2016 at 7:23 pm

      I just finished it a couple of days ago (before it was due – YAY!) and it was so good! Erin recommended it to me way back in the fall, and I had it on hold at the library since February I think. Definitely worth picking up :)

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