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Some Lovely Things for April

April 8, 2016

Everything you want to do

Congratulations, you made it to the weekend!

I think this is a good time to for you to sit back, make some smoothies like the onesย below (or lattes if you’re currently in a place that winter decided to return to), and enjoy some random internet wandering starting with these! Have a great weekend!

this pompom pillow diy (for your kids) // and this pompom pillow diy (for you)

this home tour (with an artwork idea I’m going to do) // and this perfect laundry space (that would make not hate doing laundry)

this amazing towel/blanket/wrap thing (that I need ASAP) // and all the other ones (that I need a bigger credit card for)

this party balloon diy (that I now need to plan a party for) // and this outdoor party ideaย (that you could use all those balloons for)

this summer dress (which I would also totally wear as a wedding dress) // and these napkins (that would also be at that wedding)

Original source for the above image is here

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