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Bathroom Makeover // before

March 22, 2016

Apartment Makeover - Bathroom Before //

To continue my home makeover series (you can check out my bedroom post here) I wanted to finally think about a room that is has never been high on my priority list: the bathroom.

When we first moved in I made a few things, these jars and this wall hanging, to try and make it look nice but that was as far as I went.

The funny thing about bathrooms is that I genuinely like when other people make theirs look nice, but other then keeping it clean I’ve never really cared about what ours looks like. Well, that’s about to change!

Apartment Makeover - Bedroom Before //

My must-haves and would-like-to-haves are pretty much the same list this time since everything is fairly functional right now. Overall, it would just be cool to have it look a bit more put together. So here we go…

color palette // despite my obsession with all things black and white I actually can see there being color in here. Crazy, right?! I do like the colors I used on the jar lids, and I’m not tired of them yet, so I think I’ll stick with them.

larger mirror // there’s only this little medicine cabinet mirror which works for storage but not so much for getting ready. Especially if we’re getting ready at the same time. The thing I can’t figure out is if I can put a large mirror right beside it without that looking ridiculous. I’ve thought about doing a gallery wall of mirrors where the “you look great” sign is, but I don’t know that that would solve the practical part this dilemma.

Apartment Makeover - Bedroom Before //

better shelving or none at all // this white shelf above the toilet was there when we moved in so we just left it there. But it’s the most unstable, flimsy shelf ever made. So seemed like a great place to store glass perfume bottles ;) I think I’d like to get rid of it completely.

I guess the dino and shark will have to find a new home ;)

Apartment Makeover - Bedroom Before //

shower curtain // the actual words we said when we bought this shower curtain, “let’s get this one now because we need one today, but let’s replace it with a super cool one soon”. That was 3 years ago. Time to find something new and cool!

Apartment Makeover - Bedroom Before //

cupboard/drawer organization // one thing I’ve learned about living in this apartment is that having a lot of space is not always a good thing. I don’t mean to complain about it, because I do realize it’s something not everyone has, but it’s made me not think about how to use space as thoughtfully which in turn makes the hidden spaces untidy.

The vanity cupboard and drawers are some of those spaces. Things are stacked and just put wherever they fit without much order. And I like order. So finding a better way to keep everything tidy would be great!

Apartment Makeover - Bedroom Before // Apartment Makeover - Bedroom Before //

hand towels and bathmat // this one just goes back to the color scheme. The hand towels and bathmat are both teal, but slightly different shades of teal. I’m probably the only one who even notices, but I notice every time. A different color altogether would be good.

Apartment Makeover - Bedroom Before // Apartment Makeover - Bedroom Before //

There are a few things I really like here, like the awesome floor tiles and all the counter space. And that it’s so bright!

Apartment Makeover - Bedroom Before //

Do you have a favourite thing about your bathroom or is it the neglected room in your home too? Have some suggestions or friendly advice for me? Leave me a comment below!

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