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Baby Fox Hoop Art

March 29, 2016

Baby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art //

It’s been a while since I did an embroidery project, but since I found out a friend is having a baby boy I thought I should bring out the thread and make one for the soon-to-be little guy.

There’s something about foxes that are just so adorable so I thought that was a good start. Then I typed up this saying in and printed it off as a template because I am definitely not talented in the freehand department.

Baby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art //

What you need:

  • 14 inch hoop
  • two squares of cotton about 20×20″. One will be the backing so you can have it a different color or print if you’d like
  • embroidery thread in orange, brown, black, white, green, and blue
  • needle
  • white pencil or coloured if you’re using white fabric
  • template click here to print (the fox was adapted from this wall art available at Milly Bee)
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon for hanging

Baby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art //

Print the handy template that I made and then roughly cut out the words from the fox.

Put one of the fabric squares in your hoop and tape the template pieces on to the front of the fabric.

Hold it against a sunny window and trace the pattern onto the inside of the fabric with the coloured pencil. All your letters should be backwards here so that they are the right direction on the front.

Use the back stitch to complete the pattern.

I decided not to add the whiskers on mine because I thought he was cute without them. You’ll also notice that I went crazy and did a bit of freestyling with the ampersand. Yes, 2 extra lines and I think I’m really living on the edge :P

One thing I should’ve done though is draw straight lines under the words to keep them aligned. You can see that the bottom of my letters aren’t exactly even, but I decided that added a bit of charm to it. My way of not re-doing it, ha!

When you’re done use this method to finish the back with the second square of fabric, and add a ribbon to the top for hanging it up.

Baby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art // Baby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art //

If you make a version of this I’d love to see it! Feel free to share it in the comments below or use #lovelymakes on Instagram.

Happy stitching!

Baby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art // Baby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art // Baby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art // Baby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art // www.thelovelythings.comBaby Boy Fox Embroidery Hoop Art //

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