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Some Lovely Things for February

February 26, 2016

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe //

Hard to believe February is almost done already! Here are some internet finds to browse over the weekend. See you in March!

this adorable couple (that I want to hang out with) // and this Disney/The Notebook mashup (that is perfect)

this creme brulee french toast recipe (that I’m gonna need to make) // and this whole dinner (that I actually made and it was delicious)

these ways to bring summer inside (especially when it’s freezing cold outside) // and this pillow (to add to that)

this cat house diy (that is cooler than my own house) // and this mini room makeover guide (that I need to try)

this seed shopย (that makes me want to garden) // and thisย sun printing kit (that the photographer in me loves)

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