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Simply Lovely // January

January 15, 2016

Simply Lovely January //

Hello! It’s been a quiet new year here on The Lovely Things, but I have a bunch of ideas in the works that should be coming soon!

In the meantime I thought I’d do a Simply Lovely post with some of my favorite things from Christmas.

Simply Lovely January //

I’ve been looking for a solution for hanging my necklaces for a while now (check out this post for a bunch of awesome ideas), so when I knew I was going to be going home for Christmas I texted my dad a picture of this and asked if he could make one for me while I was there. And because my dad is amazing, when I arrived a few weeks later he had already made it! And I’m in love with it. How great does it look hanging up! Best. Dad. Ever.

Simply Lovely January //

Also while I was home my mom and I went shopping one snowy day where we walked around Anthrolpolgie day dreaming about taking everything in there  home with us – or maybe that was just me ;) I saw this gold pineapple trinket dish and thought it should also come home me, but not enough to spend over $20 on it. After the mall we hit up a thrift store where I stumbled upon this wooden pineapple for 50 cents. Um, yes please! I’m still deciding if i should paint it or leave it the way it is… thoughts?

Simply Lovely January //

New discovery: Coal and Canary Candle Company. They seriously have the best smelling candles, and they’re made in Canada! I haven’t even lit it yet because just having it in a room makes the whole room smell sooo good. Seriously. Yum.

In Ottawa you can find them at boogie + birdie and JV Studios or check their website for their other retail locations. Or order it online from their website.

Simply Lovely January - Coal and Canary Hunky Knit Sweater candle //

Simply Lovely January //

As you may know a coffee obsession has taken over our house this year and that meant big changes for our mug situation. I’ve always loved big mugs for tea, but it turns out lattes, espresso, and cappuccinos need their own specific sized vessels. Yes, need ;) So all the mugs we don’t use on a regular basis got packed away and slowly we’ve been collecting awesome mugs in the different sizes we want. For Christmas Matt got me these two mugs in the prettiest colors ever! And then when Chapters had their winter clearance sales I snagged that tea cup and saucer set that I’d been eyeing up since I first saw it in the fall. The  best part is that they match the espresso cup set that was Matt’s grandparent’s too! My father-in-law helped me hang some floating shelves over Matt’s coffee bar, and now we have the perfect place to display all our wonderful finds.

You know, sometimes its the little joys that mean the most :)
Simply Lovely January // Simply Lovely January //

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