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January 3, 2016

Happy 2016 // www.thelovelythings.com

Happy 2016! plus 3 days… oops.

Last year at this time I was so on the ball with my 2015 goals and how to accomplish them. I was all “I’m going to get so much done this year!” Ha!

Looking back now I may not have done everything that I had planned, but I did learn why I didn’t want to follow through on some of my great expectations.

Meal planning? Turns out it’s not for me. At least not in the way the internet generally thinks it should be done. But through trying it out I found the way that does work for us.

Monthly photo book? I love scrapbooks! But I learned that what I really like is seeing photos on my walls and not hidden away in books on shelves.

Exercise? I lost 10lbs without it! Just kidding, I did what I do every year which is start and stop working out every 3-4 months and not gain any muscle or strength at all. Ha. I think the key here is something called “will power” – a magical thing that I don’t seem to posses.

My point is that I think it’s great to have things you want to accomplish, goals, desire to improve your self and your life, but I think it’s also good to recognize that if those plans aren’t working out like you thought then it’s time to try a different way to get there. And if it’s totally stressing you out then maybe it’s okay to let go of it altogether and focus on other things.

I did make a list (obviously) for 2016, but this year it’s a bit more personal. It’s daily things that I should already be doing, but don’t. It’s things that I want to be habits. And then there are a couple of bigger things in there too – but for now they’re just for me :)

However, I am turning 29 in a couple of weeks (eek!) so I am going to make a 30-before-30 list that I will be sharing on the blog! If I can come up with 30 things… any suggestions? Check back for that on the 23rd!

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