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January 22, 2016

30 Before 30 List //

Around new years I was trying to think of what goals I should make for this year, and I kept thinking of a bunch of little things that I’d like to do but weren’t necessarily goals. And then it dawned on me: I should make a 30-before-30 list!

I wanted to stick with realistic things that mostly relied on me and not money or circumstances. A lot of the bucket list type things out there are all about travelling the world, moving to another continent, or running a marathon. Okay, so the marathon I could do if I wanted to but like I said, I’m being realistic here ;) I wanted my 30-before-30 list to be things that can actually happen if I make them.

So because tomorrow is my 29th birthday (eek!) here is my 30 before 30 list:

  1. vacation with Matt. We never went on a honeymoon and our few trips together have always been based on work or family
  2. make a quilt. This was on my fall to-do list, but I haven’t even thought about starting it yet. So this is the year! Hopefully
  3. run/jog for 30 minutes straight. This might seem a bit ridiculous to some people, but I hate running. And I have no lung/heart/muscle/mind strength for it. Last year I worked my way up to a solid 5 minutes straight and I was blown away with my amazing ability.  So 30 minutes, without walking or stopping, would be insane in my world. But I’m gonna try!
  4. DONE get a tattoo. My whole life I said I would never get one mostly for the fact that I could never decide on one thing for forever. So maybe I’ll get a little one and see how that goes. Or maybe I’ll get one of these temporary ones and call it a day ;)
  5. DONE get a massage or a facial. I’ve never had either in my entire life and I feel it’s a very adulty thing that I should’ve done by now. 
  6. DONE do Whole30. I’m kind of cheating with this one because I started Whole30 at the beginning of January. But I didn’t stick to it 100% so I want to do another one again soon.
  7. road trip/overnight trip to Vermont or New York City. We live so close to both of these places and have talked about adventuring over to them for over 2 years now. Hopefully this is the year!
  8. DONE grow a mini garden on our deck this summer. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, our landlady has an oasis of a garden in our shared backyard, so my goal here isn’t to grow a bunch of veggies for us to eat all summer. I just want to be able to grow some strawberries or herbs or something. Seems like a good idea.
  9. DONE master that red lip/black eyeliner thing. Liquid eyeliner is terrifying. And red lipstick? I envy the ladies who can wear it with confidence/know how to put it on without looking like a 5 year old who snuck into her mom’s makeup bag.
  10. 30 day yoga challenge. I’m pretty sure my annual January thing is to look into every yoga studio in town, find all their rates and class times, pick a day to go do it, and then get scared and talk myself out of it. I’m not saying that I’ll actually go through with it this time, but I’m sure 30 day at-home yoga challenges exist out there on the internet too…
  11. read the Bible in a year. I need to get better at reading the Bible daily so I thought this would be a good way to do that. And I found this handy printable that breaks it down by day. Yay!
  12. DONE learn to make creme brûlée or cheesecakeBoth of these things I’ve had on my to-do-oneday list so I guess 2016 is a good time as any. Do you like how I give myself options so that I can still feel good about myself if I only make one of them successfully :P
  13. DONE write a letter to my future self. I used to do this as a kid and then instead of waiting the 5 or 10 years to open the letter, like I clearly instructed myself to do, I would usually open it a week later. Ha. Hopefully I’m more patient as a 30 year old. 
  14. DONE get a Kate Spade purse. Yes, I know, I’m obsessed with Kate Spade. And this list was supposed to not be cash-dependant, but I’ve wanted one for a long time now and this seems like a good year to adult-up and get one. 
  15. have a more grown up house. Again with the adulting (PS Peter Pan is still one of my favorite books, so I’ll never really be that grown up). There are things about our apartment that I really like, but a lot of it still feels very student-y. I’d love to change that and turn it into a place that I love.
  16. get a logo and branding made by a professional. I’ve redesigned my logo for my photography business more times than I can count, and that is because I do it myself instead of following my own advice and hiring a professional. Anyone recommend someone for that?
  17. learn how to edit video. I’ve always hated video, and keep saying that I do, but I when we went on our trip to the east coast last spring I decided to try it out to see if my feelings were actually true. I took a bunch of video that trip, but then when we came home I tried to edit it for approximately 15 minutes before giving up on it. So I feel like I need to see this through just to find out if I really do, or don’t, like it.
  18. book a month reading challenge. Last year I totally failed at my “read more” goal. I probably made it through 1.5 books in total all year, so when a friend sent me this reading challenge I thought it sounded way more fun then making excuses. 
  19. DONE get bangs. I should maybe try and look my age instead of  the 20 year old that people assume I am, and I’m 99% sure that bangs won’t help that, but I’ve had pretty much the same hairstyle for the past 25 years and I feel like bangs would change that. And if I hate it I can grow them out again.
  20. DONE go for a walk for an entire day. I used to walk everywhere. For fun. I actually enjoyed going for a 4 hour walk around the city just to see where I would end up. Last summer I walked from my house to a nearby beach that I was pretty sure would take me that long – it took me 40 minutes. Oops. So I’m going to go for a day long walk some time this year and it will be wonderful.
  21. DONE start (and complete) a photo challenge. I really like the idea of a photo project of some kind – whether it will be a 30 day thing or has a theme I don’t know yet. Any suggestions?
  22. DONE-ish design a family tree and get it printed and framed. For the last couple of years Matt and I have been gathering genealogy for his family tree, but then we never did anything to it. So getting it printed and hung up to actually see would be pretty cool I think. I don’t know anything about my side, but maybe one day I’ll be able to find something out. Maybe that will be on my 40 before 40 list ;)
  23. DONE shoot more #girlbosses. This is work goal of mine – I want to photograph women in business, entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, mamas! So if you know anyone who is looking for images for their website, brand, social media, etc feel free to send ’em my way :)
  24. DONE learn Snapchat because I’m old and need to keep up with the young’uns these days
  25. DONE start a family *added. This wasn’t on the original list I made in January because it seemed like way to much pressure to put something like that on a list like this. But now that it’s happening for real I thought I could add it, ha! Some time around October 31st 2016 there will be a new little addition to our famjam
  26. TBD
  27. TBD
  28. TBD
  29. TBD
  30. TBD

30 Before 30 List //

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