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Wreath DIY

December 8, 2015

Wreath DIY //

I was really determined to make a wreath this Christmas, and I had all sorts of dreams about the big, greenery filled one that was going to live on our front door. I pinned a million ideas, shared a bunch here, and went out to the store with all sorts of ambition to buy all the things. And before you know it I was standing there in the cinnamon scented aisles of Michael’s staring at all the things. All the costly things. I have this thing with DIY’s and that they shouldn’t cost more then just buying something ready-made. I mean let’s be honest, if someone else is going to do the work and charge me less I’m probably going to go with that option ;)

So as I usually do when faced with this kind of dilemma I went back home empty handed and came up with a new idea. And that’s where this cute little wreath came from! It may not be the big, glamorous one I originally planned on, but you know what? I think I actually like it better!

Wreath DIY //

What you need:
Embroidery hoop (mine is a 6 inch wooden one)
2 stems of greens or decorations (I got mine from Michael’s for $1 each)
Floral wire
Paper bow (click here for a how-to)
Double-sided tape or hot glue

Wreath DIY //

What to do: 
Place the stems where you want them on the hoop and wrap the wire tightly around the stems and hoop so it’s secure.

Make your paper bow and use your tape or glue to stick it on top of where you wrapped the stems to cover the wire.

Tie the ribbon around the top to hang it up.

If you want some more ideas to try check out my wreath round-up here!

Wreath DIY //

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