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Some Lovely Things for December

December 29, 2015


I love a good year in review, especially when there’s a top 10 list involved, so today i gathered some of the top things of 2015 according to the internets. Enjoy!

Instagram’s top photos (as of October 2015) //  and Instagram’s top #tbt (that’s not-so-weirdly similar to the other list)

most popular movies (based on yo’ money) // Guinness world records (in pictures)

Google’s top searches (which I’ll admit I contributed 2-3 searches to) //YouTube’s most popular videos (which I didn’t watch any of)

the 10 best books (according to the New York Times) // and most popular songs (that I only agree with half of the top 10)

predicted fashion trends (that I’m pretty sure didn’t all happen) // and 2016’s predictions (which I hope don’t all happen)

this year’s baby names (Amy is so 286 names ago) // and next year’s predictions (that will probably have a lot more filters listed)

Above image originally from Sprinkle of Glitter

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