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Ornament round-up

December 11, 2015

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

I wasn’t planning on doing an ornament round-up, but I kept coming across ones that I loved so I had to share them! There’s a mix of store-bought and DIY ones this time around so make sure to get all the way to the bottom of the post to see them all :) 

Above felt critters are from Chapters last season.

gold bow // Kate Spade / $25

And she does it again. Love this gold bow ornament from Kate Spade! I’m guessing you could DIY your own version using this tutorial and whatever harder material you’d like.Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

ceramic cheer ornament // Anthropologie / $18

I shared this one, along with a few more of my Anthro faves, over on my gift round-up, but I couldn’t help but include it again. Because have you seen that gold and polka dots??

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

Vinter ornaments (wooden) // IKEA / $10/3

Okay, so to call these minimal is probably a bit of an understatement, but there’s just something about their simplicity that I love. And if you got tired of them you could easily paint them the next year!

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

woodshop monograms //Anthropologie / $4.95

Oh look, another Anthropolgie find. And another one that I’m pretty sure you could DIY really easily! Most craft stores have plain wood letters (like these from Michael’s) and paint, so you would just have to follow the lines of the colors and shadows to replicate them. Hmmm maybe that will be on my project list for next year….

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

fa la la ornament // Chapters / $30

Adorable. And festive. And makes me want to sing. Sold.

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

gold pineapple //Anthropologie / $14

Are pineapples still cool? I usually hope on the trend train too late, but with this gold pineapple I’m okay with that.

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

Okay, now that I’ve show you a bunch of ornaments you can buy it’s time for the ones you can make!

Tattly tattoo diy ornaments // Tattly

I’ve seen this one floating around Pinterest and assumed they were hand painted, but when I finally clicked through the link I discovered that it’s actually made with temporary tattoos. How cool is that?! And way more achievable to do for us non-artist people out there.

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

felt forest animal diy ornaments // Lia Griffith

So these little guys were on my list of Christmas projects for this year, but I never got around to them. She has free patterns for every animal on her blog so you can just follow along to make your own adorable woodland creature!

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

painted wooden ball ornaments // Tara Victoria

Remember those wooden IKEA ornaments back up there? This is totally what you could do with them.

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

gold clay personalized ornaments // Project Nursery

I may have gone a little overboard pinning clay ornaments this year. And researching the difference between air dry clay, cornstarch dough, and salt dough. Of course I didn’t put any of this knowledge to the test yet, but maybe I’ll get really ambitious in the next week and try to make some of these myself ;)

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

moon phase clay ornaments // Alice and Lois

While we’re on the topic of clay ornaments… moon phase? Yes please! I would probably be tempted to keep these ones out all year and hang them up in my house somewhere.

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

snow glass ornament diy // Darby Smart

This one is pretty straight forward which I think is great. Paint on the inside of a clear ornament and metallic pen on the outside. Done.

Christmas Ornament Round-Up //

And that wraps up my ornament round-up! What are some of your favorite Christmas ornaments new or old?

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