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Christmas Party Nail Art

December 6, 2015

Christmas Nail Art //

Bringing some holiday nail art your way today!

I was thinking these should be called Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer nails, but that title was way to long so I just stuck with Christmas party nails instead. But really all I could think about as I was doing them was Rudolph ;)

Christmas Nail Art //

Grab your two favorite holiday nail polish colors and paint all your nails one solid color.

After waiting a million hours for them to dry, or not waiting long enough and smudging them multiple times (just me?), get a bobby pin and your second color.

Straighten out the pin, dip it into the color, and gently touch your nail where you want the dot. The lighter you touch it the smaller the dot will be, so you can change the size of polka dots that way.

If you have more patience than me finish it off with a clear top coat.

Now go Instagram those nails because you did amazing and they look great!

ZA4_7990Christmas Nail Art // Christmas Nail Art //

Christmas Nail Art //

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