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Some Lovely Things for November

November 17, 2015

Write On! Balance Quote

I feel like November 1st came and suddenly everyone’s Christmas trees were up and social media was/is flooded with all things festive and wintery. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. Big fan of it over here. But I’ve always struggled with it really feeling like Christmas before the snow falls (I blame growing up in the prairies and being used to snow in October), and without it feeling like Christmas I’m not in the mood to throw glitter around my house, string up lights, and crank up the Christmas music.

But now that I’m on the blogging train I feel like I have to start posting Christmas things because everyone else is doing it. Self inflicted, grown-up peer pressure – it’s a thing.

I once read somewhere that if you’re in a bad mood make yourself smile, and keep smiling, and eventually you will get happier – or something like that. So maybe thats how I will convince myself to get in the Christmas spirit. Get out the egg nog and just start throwing that glitter around :)

But first, going back to that quote up there about balance, here is my last non-holiday post. A bunch of cool things I’ve found around the internet this month. Enjoy!

these candles (that smell so amazing in real life) // and this magazine (that you can help get in to production)

this gorgeous entryway (that I want to steal) // and these small apartment home tours (that make me want to paint ours)

this brilliant idea (that every girl needs) // and this app (for all the list-lovers out there)

this Disneyland photoshoot (that I want to be a part of) // and what Disney princesses would look like today (if they kept aging since their movie)

these new fonts (that make me want to redo my website…again) // and this cool website (that turns your own handwriting into a font)


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  • Reply Teresa November 18, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Fun links! The app link is broken though :(

  • Reply amyzambonin November 21, 2015 at 2:53 am

    Should be fixed now!

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