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Simply Lovely // November

November 29, 2015

Maybe Christmas Doesn't Come From A Store - Steph Says Hello

November has just flown by and taken autumn along with it. It’s hard to believe that December is in two days. Yikes.

On Friday I ventured down to our basement to find our slow growing collection of boxes marked “Christmas”. We decided not to have a tree this year since we’ll be away over the holidays, but I still wanted to make our apartment feel cozy and festive until we leave. So out came the boxes and up went as many decorations as I could find places for. Incase you were wondering paper snowflakes still make an excellent window treatment ;)

As I opened up the boxes there was the familiar, nostalgia inducing ornaments from Christmases past, the scented candles that make our whole house smell like holiday magic (in my world that means pine trees, cranberry, and kindling), and then there at the bottom I saw an unfamiliar paper gift bag. When I peeked inside I found the cutest little felt ornaments, plaid stars, and cartoon deer looking back at me…. that I apparently bought on clearance after Christmas last year and had completely forgot about! It was like finding money in your winter coat from the year before (or so I’m told… who really just leaves money in their coats? There’s always a chocolate bar or treat to buy with those couple dollars … just me? Oops.)

Sometimes it’s the little surprises like that that can help you get in the spirit of the season if you just let it. Embrace the sparkly lights! Love those handmade paper ornaments or dollar store decorations if that’s what you have. I realize that that’s the exact opposite of the well-love quote from the Grinch, but I think for me it’s more about loving what you have, appreciating where you are, and enjoying the little things – even if they did come from a store.

Welcome December. Bring on your magic.

Above illustration by Steph Says Hello

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