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DIY Wood Christmas Trees

November 27, 2015

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Trees //

I’m usually one of those people that love a handmade, colorful, looks like your kid stuck construction paper and glitter everywhere, kind of Christmas theme. None of that perfectly decorated tree with coordinated ornaments and not a single piece of tinsel out of place thing. I mean, where’s the homeyness in that?

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Trees //

But then this year came along and somehow I fell in love with the whole Scandinavian Christmas thing thats been popping up all over the place.

Black and white and natural wood? Love it.

Simple decorations that look slightly more classy then my green and red construction paper chains? I approve.

So to get this whole Christmas decorating thing started I decided to make some of my own! Simple, wooden Christmas trees :)

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Trees //

What you need:
wood skewers or sticks (I used some I got from the grocery store)
hot glue gun
wooden clothespins

What you do: 
Get creative! Basically I just broke some skewers into pieces and glued them in various ways to make different trees. Once the glue is dry use the clothes pins to stand the trees up.

I was thinking of hanging mini pompoms or ribbon on them as decorations, but decided to stick with the simplicity of them as they were. You could also spray paint them gold or bright colors if you wanted too. Have fun with it!

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Trees // DIY Scandinavian Christmas Trees // DIY Scandinavian Christmas Trees //

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