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DIY jewelry display round-up

November 14, 2015

Jewelry Display Round-Up //

This week has been a week of projects not working out, time spent unproductively, unsuccessful shopping trips, and all around blah-ness. Funny how when I’m super busy or going away somewhere I can get a bunch of stuff done and posts ready, but when I actually have some free time Netflix calls and nothing gets done. Oh, life.

One of those projects I was all excited to do this week was to make my own version of this floor mirror from The Merrythought


Our full length mirror fell off the wall and smashed into a million little pieces earlier this year and I haven’t got around to getting a new one since then. I also was looking for ideas for a jewelry holder for my necklaces (which currently live on a hanger in my closet and hardly ever get worn because they’re too annoying to get to), and thought that this solved both those issues perfectly!

I measured everything, sketched out how it would fit in various places in our room (I need to really be sure about things before I commit to spending money on them… if you hadn’t noticed. Ha), and priced out all the supplies. I was going to use pegboard instead of plywood so that I could put pegs at whatever heights I wanted and could change them around whenever I needed too. I thought it was brilliant! That is until I measured our car and realized that there was no way a sheet of wood was going to fit in it. Boo.

SO long story short I’m back to trying to come up with another solution. Which basically means searching Pinterest for hours… and as a result of that I decided to compile all my favorite necklace display DIY finds so far and share them today. Here’s to hoping I can come up with my own idea soon!


Jewelry Blocks // Emily Henderson


Necklace Clothesline // a Pair & a Spare


Raw Crystal Necklace Display // julep


Mountain Necklace Display // The Merrythought


Animal jewelry holder // Why Don’t You Make Me
Another take on this one is the gold animals pushpins and painted cork boards I made a while back. That could work for jewelry too!

shlomitofir jewelry holders_etsy

Mountain or House jewelry display // Shlomit Ofir (Etsy,$91.62CAD)
These aren’t DIYs, but I love the look of them! Maybe I could pull off my own version?

urbanoutfitters neclace holder

Phases of the Moon necklace holder // Urban Outfitters ($29CAD)
Another one that you could just go buy, but I love how it’s pretty and practical. And again, I’m sure there’s a way to DIY that up.

Gold Antlers jewelry display

Gold Antler wall decor // francesca’s / Etsy


Painted block art/jewelry display // Stample

Minimalist necklace display

Or if all else fails I could just stick with being uncomplicated and hang them on my walls as they are!

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