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Christmas Gift Idea round-up

November 24, 2015

Christmas Traditions - The Lovely Things © Zambonin Photography

Christmasssss!!! That’s me trying to get all enthusiastic about it over here. Still no snow, but I’m going to get in the Christmas spirit without it! I thought I would do some Christmas themed round-ups for the next month and today I’m starting with a gathering of gift ideas – aka my dream wishlist ;)

knitting kits // We Are Knitters ($42-156USD)
I recently learned about this company and I think it’s so brilliant. You can buy kits from them that include everything you need and you can see the finish product online. The kits aren’t necessarily low budget, but when you figure out that buying everything yourself will cost you almost as much then it definitely seems worth it.

We Are Knitters

Kate Spade tea cup and saucer set // Chapters ($95)
Okay, so not entirely practical for the cost, but they’re so perfect. The colors, the size, mmmm. I will take them all please.

Kate Spade Tea Cups

Kate Spade gift sets // Kate Spade
Some might say I have a slight obsession. But c’mon these gift sets are pretty hard to resist. And you can pick and choose what items you want in them so you can personalize them for all the ladies in your life!

Kate Spade gift sets

hedgehog ornaments / gold cheer ornaments / bunny ornaments // Anthropologie ($12-18USD)
I did a dangerous thing. I went over to Anthropologie’s website and fell in love with everything – obviously. These ornaments were my favs! Also, they’ve been making Instagram videos with the little hedgehog guys that are as cute as them. Check ’em out here!

anthro ornaments

blue and gold pedestal bowl // Anthropologie ($32USD)
Yeah, it didn’t take me long to fall down the tunnel of finding things that I “need” from there. But these bowls!

Anthro Jardin Bowl

pretty much everything ever from Rifle Paper Co
I’ve long been a fan of Anna Bond and her illustrating for her company Rifle Paper Co. And now she keeps coming out with more and more products. Ugh. It’s too much. Love love love.

Rifle Paper Co

One of my favorite kinds of gifts to make and give is theme baskets. Not the pointless “here’s a bunch of dollar store things that you don’t really want, but look good in a cute basket” kind, but the kind that are filled with really thoughtful, personalized things. So I’m going to throw a few ideas for those too!

the bake it box // Just Destiny
I’ve been given a few of these types of gifts in the past and loved it! A friend once gave me an apple pie basket with everything in it (even fresh orchard apples!), but we had a tradition of making pies whenever we got together (we lived far apart) so it was extra special. I think that’s the important thing with these kinds of gifts… make them meaningful :)


homemade housewarming // Julie Blanner
I realize this isn’t a typical Christmas gift, but I liked the simplicity of it and how it shows you don’t need a million items. Even 3 or 4 can be enough if they’re the right ones.


or this housewarming kit // oh joy!
And another “housewarming” one. But this one you really need to click through to see how she made it. She even made the wooden box herself! You could change it up to be an “after the holidays” box filled with healthy things, goal planners, or other new years type things.


cinnamon roll kit // Style Me Pretty Living


snowday survival kit // The DIY Mommy
If you go to the blog she has a whole bunch of different ones all with printable labels!


mini party in a box // A Bubbly Life
This is a simpler one that could be easily changed in so many ways! Choose 3-4 smaller items in all the same color and box it up with a bunch of shredded paper or confetti!


and a bunch of different ones to get inspiration from // Casa De Colorir


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