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Some Lovely Things for October

October 16, 2015


Happy Friday all!

I came across this quote the other chilly, windy day and thought it was quite appropriate for the changing seasons. And then I discovered that At The Picket Fence is giving it away as a free printable! Yay!

Anyway, here are some other internet finds for you. Happy weekend!

this bit of reality (which makes me feel better about myself) // this bit of fairy tale (that I want to weekend at ASAP)

these overachieving pie crusts (that I want to attempt to make) // this Disney wine collection (with the best labels ever)

this wooden polaroid magnet diy (that I want to make for everyone) // this super cute wooden block city diy (for the littles in your life)

this wrap/sweater thing (that I don’t ever want to take off) // and this coat (that I want to put on and wear forever)

this Instagram account (that showcases autumn coziness to a T) //  this gathering of cozy things (that I want to live in)

these no-carve pumpkin ideas (that I may just be doing with mine) // this 5-minute leather clutch lettering diy (that I want to do to everything)

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