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September 1, 2015

Best Blogging Resources // www.thelovelythings.com

Since starting this blog I’ve found so many other ones that are insanely creative and inspiring. Even if you don’t blog or have your own business, I think they’re still worth a look (or listen) because so many of their points can be applied to everyday life. Recently I came across The Nectar Collective and got lost for hours in her seemingly endless posts about blogging, business, and bettering your life. It was one of those “everyone should read this!” moments so I thought I would share some of my favourite posts and tips from them.

The Nectar Collective // As I already mentioned above, I just found this wonderful place and I am loving it. The way Melyssa (and her team) writes the posts is super relatable and makes me want to start doing stuff right now. It’s basically how this very post came to be. I also love how apart from the blog and entrepreneur sections she has a whole section dedicated to self-improvement. I’ll be honest, I usually pre-judge self improvement write-ups as being all “take time for yourself” and “drink water, exercise, and get enough sleep”. Lame. But these aren’t like that! Trust me on this one and just take a little scroll through them…

A Beautiful Mess I feel like this is the gold star of blogs that we all want to be. But lucky for us these sisters, Emma and Elsie, share a bunch of their how-to’s, tips, failures, successes, and even online classes to help us all learn from them. Woo!

Bloguettes // I found these ladies through Pinterest and in additional to their super colourful and happy boards they had a bunch of great blogging tips. Which then lead me to their website that’s filled with workshops, webinars, and all those pinned info-filled blog posts.

Elise Gets Crafty // I’ve been a big fan of Elise’s blog for a while now and was so excited when she launched her podcast last year. She has different guests come on and they chat about everything from their creative processes to marketing to organization and what works for them . What I love most about it as that they’re all real people. Sometimes I get it in my head that all these successful people have a magical life and don’t have the same thoughts and fears as the rest of us do, so it’s great to get a reality check and realize that in many ways we’re not that different.

Get To Work Book // Another Elise share. She came out with a planner this year and it looks like the best.thing.EVER! I could try and describe it, but she made this handy video to show all the ins and outs of it so you should just go check that out. It’s the ultimate in goal setting and getting yourself organized for whatever it is that you do. Definitely at the top of my wishlist!

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