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Mountain Camping Hoop Art

September 18, 2015

Mountain Camping Hoop Art Embroidery //

For my first dive into embroidery, also apparently called ‘hoop art’ these days, I decided to start small and make something for a friend’s anniversary. Because anniversary presents for friends should really be a thing ;) They love camping and got engaged on a camping trip, and she also loves the mountains so I designed this little number with those things in mind. It look me forever to figure out what words to put on it… names are boring, most quotes were way to long and therefore too daunting for my first project, so I thought “Love & Adventure” was cute and summed it all up nicely.

Mountain Camping Hoop Art Embroidery //

I headed out to the craft store and got a 6″ hoop for $3, square of white cotton for $1, and the coloured thread for $0.60 each. Woo! I love not spending a lot of money.

I ironed the fabric to get rid of the creases, then put it in the hoop and trimmed the excess fabric. Just make sure you leave a couple of inches hanging out so it doesn’t come out.

Mountain Camping Hoop Art Embroidery //

I practiced drawing out my design on paper a few times and then drew it right on the cotton with a ballpoint pen. It’s a little scary freehanding it, but I was going with the opinion that if it was a little off that would just give it character. Ha. Also I had more fabric I could use if I really messed it up.

If the thought of that is too terrifying for you, and you have more patience then me, then check out these other options for transferring patterns to fabric.

Mountain Camping Hoop Art Embroidery //

Once it was drawn out I just started stitching! I’d only ever done a basic back stitch before so I did that for most things. But then I went out of my comfort zone and learned a new stitch that I used for “Love”, “&”, and the sun. Yes, that’s how small my comfort zone is… watching a 5 second tutorial and then actually trying it. Where’s the crying/laughing emoji face when you need it? Anyway, I used the stem stitch for those which gives it a different look than the rest. Check out this YouTube video to see how.

Mountain Camping Hoop Art Embroidery // Mountain Camping Hoop Art Embroidery //

To finish it off I trimmed down the extra fabric about 1/2″ from the edge of the hoop and used fabric glue to glue it to the inside of the hoop. And then I found this tutorial showing a nicer way to finish the back, but I’ll try that one next time.

I love how it turned out and that it only took me a couple of hours from start to finish. I’m definitely hooked now and want to make a whole bunch more! Although, at the rate that I make myself learn new stitches it’s a good thing that I have all winter ;)

Mountain Camping Hoop Art Embroidery // Mountain Camping Hoop Art Embroidery //

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