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Triangle Stripe Nail Art

August 18, 2015

Triangle Stripes Nail Art //

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but not that long ago I shared this “stained glass” nail art with you and today I have another take on it. Who has time to sit around and paint their nails?! Apparently I did…

This has the same concept as before I just went with a different shape this time around. Basically my version nail art is using tape to make it super easy – if you are patient enough to wait for it to dry ;)

Grab 2 different colors of nail polish, one lighter then the other. Paint all your nails the lighter color and wait for them to dry completely. If you don’t wait long enough the tape will mess up the bottom color. And then you’ll want to take it off and quit altogether – not speaking from experience or anything….

Cut 5 pieces of masking or painters tape all the same width, then cut them in half diagonally. Stick a triangle diagonally on each dried nail and make sure its pressed down completely so the other polish won’t seep under. Paint the darker color over top and let it dry before removing the tape. Voila! Fancy-pants nails complete.

*I used OPI “You’re Such a Budapest” and “I Eat Mainely Lobster”

Triangle Stripes Nail Art // Triangle Stripes Nail Art // Triangle Stripes Nail Art // Triangle Stripes Nail Art //

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