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Summer Adventures // Perth, Ontario

August 8, 2015

Summers are for road trips - Perth, Ontario //

Yesterday morning we woke up and found ourselves with a day off and no plans, so I thought it would be a good time to add another small town road trip to our summer! I had heard about Perth (Ontario not Australia) from a bunch of different people, so we jumped in the car and headed out to see what it was all about.

Summers are for road trips - Perth, Ontario // www.thelovelythings.comSummers are for road trips - Perth, Ontario //

We easily spent a few hours there wandering around the shops that filled the old stone buildings and walking through Stewart Park. The park, which is surrounded by the Tay River, has a bunch of little walking bridges, paths, and gorgeous giant weeping willow trees. We should’ve brought a picnic. And a dog. Not that we have a dog, but if we did it would’ve loved running around there ;)

After that we stopped by Coutts Coffee for a quick lunch and I fell absolutely in love with the courtyard that connected a few of the neighbouring restaurants and shops together. Its three-story high walls were connected at the roof by glass panes with lights floating back down above our heads. Add some cobblestone, a moss covered fountain, and just the right amount of ivy and greenery and you have all the ingredients for a magical location.

Summers are for road trips - Perth, Ontario // ZA2_9896 Untitled-2 ZA2_9923 ZA2_9926 Summers are for road trips - Perth, Ontario //

Pretty much this town is the Stars Hollow of Canada I’ve decided (for any non-Gilmore Girls fans out there…. You have a serious void in your life. Go binge watch all 7 seasons now! Worth it). It has the book store, music store, coffee shop (although nothing can replace Luke’s, I know), antique store, market, town hall, gazebo, inn, and I’m sure there’s probably a Kirk that lives there somewhere too. Cue theme song….

Summers are for road trips - Perth, Ontario // ZA2_9947

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