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Frozen Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

August 11, 2015

Frozen Watermelon Lemonade Recipe //

I have to admit I’m not the biggest watermelon fan out there, but I had some of it leftover a while ago and didn’t want to throw it out so I cubed it up and tossed it in the freezer – and then forgot about it. Oops. But I saw it the other day and knew I had to do something with it before the end of summer so today I bring you my watermelon lemonade frozen slushy drink! I actually didn’t mind it either…. and then I somehow drank almost all of it. Oops again.

What you need:
– 2 cups cubed, frozen watermelon
– 3 tablespoons frozen lemonade concentrate
– 2 tablespoons simple syrup (to make a simple syrup just bring 1/4 water and 1/4 sugar to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Boil for about 5 minutes and remove from heat. Let it cool before adding it. You’ll have a bit left over too, so if you like your drinks sweeter or want to double the recipe you have enough)
– 1/2 cup ice water
– ice cubes
– blender

Throw everything except the ice cubes in a blender and blend until it has a slushy consistency. If it’s too liquidy add ice cubes until it thickens up. I added about 3.

I just have a cheap blender so it usually needs more liquid to help it keep mixing the slush around. I add ice water a little at a time and use the pulse setting until its well blended. I’m guessing if you have a fancy blender you wouldn’t need to add as much liquid to it though.

This makes about 2 glasses full.

Frozen Watermelon Lemonade Recipe // Frozen Watermelon Lemonade Recipe //

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