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Stained Glass Nail Art

July 28, 2015

Stained Glass Nail Art DIY //

I don’t paint my nails very often because I’m not good at waiting for them to dry, but this week was the 3 hour Bachelorette finale so I had plenty of time to sit still and not mess them up while I watched. That’s my pro tip for you: find a show to watch so the drying/not-doing-anything time goes by a lot faster haha.

What you need:
– white nail polish (I used Essie “Urban Jungle”)
– 2-3 colored nail polishes (I used OPI “You’re Such a Budapest”, “I Eat Mainely Lobster”, and Joe Fresh “Lagoon”)
– tape
– scissors
– patience ;)

Stained Glass Nail Art DIY //

Start by painting all your nails white and letting them dry for a long time.

Cut very thin strips of tape and stick 2 to each nail in a ‘T’ shape.

Use the other colored polishes to paint each uncovered white sections. Make sure you paint right to the tape so you get a hard line when you remove the tape. You could also just use one color and paint over your entire nail.

Stained Glass Nail Art DIY // Stained Glass Nail Art DIY //

Continue watching your show while you let your nails dry ;)

Peel the tape off and enjoy your cute geometric “stained glass” nails!

Stained Glass Nail Art DIY //

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