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Some Lovely Things for July

July 25, 2015


I had all these intentions to make or do something this week to blog about, but my week flew by in a second and I never got around to it. So instead I’m bringing you some of my favourite Pinterest finds of the week!

beach donuts (can all beach sand be replaced with sugar please?) // beach house (that I would move into today)

mini patio garden (that I would make if I had a patio) // tiny plants in tiny jars (that are way too cute) // pineapple planter diy (that is now on my list of things to make)

cool kids (who I wish I could be) // little sandals (that I want for me) // cardboard houses (that I would totally make now… even though I’m all grown up. And don’t have babies. Not the point.)

2-minute bun (that I should really try) // whale tank (that I’m pretty sure I shared once before)

Also, I think that quote up there a good reminder that if you had a stressful or busy week like I did don’t worry about it! Things will work out and in time it won’t even seem like the big deal you think it is now. Happy weekend all!

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