Year of Getting Stuff Done – May update

June 2, 2015

Live Less Out of Habit

May was a busy month, but a good one! Summer weather arrived, work picked up, and we made a trip out to the east coast to visit my in-laws. All in all it was a great start to the summer! Here’s how it went for me and my to-do’s:

You can check out my original post about it here

What worked:

More reading, less internet-ing – It was probably half and half this month, but I did start and finish a whole book in May so I’m calling it a success. And I have a few more lined up for the summer months.

Make a year-in-our-life photo book – I finished shooting the roll of film that I started in April (March?) so now I just need to get it developed and I can put those photos into my book.

Meal planning – Still doing my weekly method and it’s been pretty succcessful. Yay!

Get Moving – In April I said how I started a Couch to 5K program with this app and I’m proud to say I have no done it consistently for 4 weeks! Although we were away for a week at the end of May so I put it on pause then, but now I’m back at it. I really hate running, but I love that this is designed for 3 days a week and combines walking and running. I wanted to do some other workout on the non-running days, but so far I haven’t found the motivation for that. Hopefully I will soon ;)

Blogging – I’ve been listing to Elise Blaha’s podcasts, Elise Gets Crafty, alot lately and they’ve inspired me to blog with more purpose. You may not have noticed a difference in my posts, but I’m trying to focus more on posts/things that I really like and am proud to post rather then just posting for consistency’s sake. I know that is important too, but I’d rather have great content then a lot of mediocre content. Hopefully that’s coming through :)

What didn’t:

Drinking water everyday – Somewhere near the middle of the month I somewhat purposely took a break from this one. I’ll be honest – I haven’t noticed a single difference in how I feel, my skin/hair/appearance, nothing. And I still really hate drinking water. So I’m putting this on hold and will maybe come back to it again later.

Original artwork for the quote above is by Jenna Kutcher and can be purchased from Society 6

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