The Lovely Things turns one!

June 15, 2015

The Lovely Things turns One! // www.thelovelythings.com

This little blog has officially passed the one year mark, and I have to say that, 142 posts later, I still love it! When I started it I wasn’t sure where it would go or what I wanted it to be and honestly I’m still figuring that part out, but I’m happy with where it’s going and how it’s pushed and allowed me to create more. Originally I wanted it to be something separate from photography, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that photography is still what I love and I might as well embrace it into the blog as much as possible.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned about blogging and myself over the last year:

Planning is pointless without good execution / I’ve always been a planner and lover of organization, but I’ve realized that sometimes less planning and more doing is more important. I’ll have projects I move from list to list and try to schedule specific time for, but if I just decide to do it in the moment and get it done I’m happier and feel like I’ve accomplished so much more.

Some projects won’t work out and that’s okay / I used to come up with a DIY or recipe, make it and photograph it at the same time (which is very time consuming), and realize somewhere along the way that it’s just not working out at all how I wanted. At first I would push through it and post it anyway – mostly because I didn’t want to waste time, money, and supplies. But it would never make me happy and I would usually regret posting it or wish I never started the whole project in the first place. I’ve now learned that there’s going to be projects that don’t work out or aren’t as great as I thought. It’s okay not to post them, and it’s not a waste of time and supplies if I learned something from it. And hopefully by learning these things I can turn around and create something even better instead!

It’s more important to be myself than to try and be everyone else / This is one of those “be yourself, everyone else is taken” cliches, but it holds so much truth. If you remember this post you’ll know that I had a moment of clarity that really helped me to appreciate other people’s creativity and ideas instead of being envious of them. I’m so much happier to be doing what I want instead of what I think other people want to see.

I still really like photography / This is king of a weird one, but in the beginning I thought the blog would be more about the things I made and not about photography. I wanted it to be separate, but as it turns out I really love photography. I guess thats a good things since it’s my job and all, but I love that this blog has made me pick up my camera a lot more often then I used to and pushed me to keep shooting different things. Yay!

I’m sure there are a bunch more things that I’ve learned and things that I’ve changed since the start, but I’ll leave that for another post. I had big plans to throw a birthday party for the blog…. really just so I could do a bunch of DIY’s, new recipes, photography, and other pretty things, but lack of time and money prevented me from doing any of that for now. Hopefully it will happen sometime down the road :)

Thanks to all my family and friends and people that read my blog and tell me they love it :) I appreciate every one of you and all your support! Here’s to year two!

A quick glance at the past year by month:
The Lovely Things turns One! // www.thelovelythings.com

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  • Reply Liz June 15, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    Happy birthday The Lovely Things blog!! SO glad you keep blogging and I can keep up with you through it! Here’s to many more years of this!!

    • Reply amyzambonin June 16, 2015 at 3:06 am

      Thanks Liz!! I love that you love it :)

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