Year of Getting Stuff Done – April Update

May 1, 2015

April Update // www.thelovelythings.comGuys, it’s officially May. Which over here in Canada means that summer is just around the corner! I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am that all our snow has melted here and I’ve pack up all our winter coats, scarves, mitts, and skates for at least 7 months. I LOVE SUMMER! Okay, moving on to my April life update….

What worked:

Drinking water everyday – Still reaching my goal almost ever day. I will say that I was hoping by now it would be a normal part of my day, but every single day I still have to force myself to get enough. Boo

More reading, less internet-ing – Yes! I’m usually not one for having more then one book on the go at a time, but since this Grace book is taking longer then I thought I started a novel. I always forget how much I enjoy reading until I make the time to do it again!

Make a year-in-our-life photo book – Still working my way through that roll of film from last month. When I finish it off I’ll get them in my 2015 book.

Meal planning – You can read my thoughts on meal planning here and here. My newly formed method is working for me and I’ve been saving time, money, and avoiding the super annoying “what should we have for dinner” question. Working well!

Get Moving – So March was all about doing the Jillian Michael’s yoga meltdown. Which of course I quickly got tired of doing. But then I started running (okay, light jogging. Let’s be honest people) and that’s going surprisingly ok right now. I downloaded a Couch to 5K app and I like the fact that it’s based on 3 days a week instead of every day and has a walk/run thing going on. I’ve learned something about me and exercise… I need variety to keep at it. Really quickly I get bored of doing the same things so if I can switch things up more often then that might be better for me. All you people out there with will power and self motivation I applaud you! And I’m really jealous.

April Update // www.thelovelythings.com

What didn’t:

Blogging – I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the slow down of posts, but I missed a bunch of posting days this month. Oops. I always strive for consistency in posting but scheduling and getting a bunch of posts ready in advance, but because of various reasons that just didn’t happen in April. The good thing is I know the ‘why’ and I’m working on it. Hopefully you’ll see positive results of that in May :)

April Update // www.thelovelythings.com April Update // www.thelovelythings.com April Update // www.thelovelythings.com

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