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Some Lovely Things for May

May 18, 2015

Summer has finally shown up in it’s full plus 30degree glory and I love it! Yesterday I discovered that a beach I thought was a good hour walk from our house is really only a half an hour (yay!), so I spent my morning down there reading and watching all the brave beach goers venture into the water (this is still Canada in May….) and prance around in their neon swimsuits. Turns out neon bikinis are totally in this year – who knew.

Like every year I didn’t think I would be out long enough to need sunscreen, but of course I was, so I got my first (and hopefully last) really good burn of the season. Not really painful, but just highly noticeable against my marshmallow-white skin that didn’t burn. Oops.

Anyway, with all this summer-ness in full swing I thought this would be a good time to bring you some of the summertime things I’ve been loving on Pinterest lately. So here they are!

yellow doors // green houses // potting sheds

backyard escapes // and summertime naps

all the peonies ever // and some cacti

picnics // dinner parties // and eating pie outside

flamingoes everywhere! (thanks Kate Spade) // swimsuits // little ones // blue ones // these ones

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