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DIY Painted Tablecloth

May 29, 2015

DIY Painted Table Cloth //

I’ve had this DIY on my mind – and my to-do lists – for months now, and I finally accomplished it this week. Yay! Our dining room table has a nice glass top on it, but anytime I put dishes down its loud and sounds like it’s going to break. Not cool. And that’s where this table cloth project come in and saves the day!

Originally I was planning on painting wide black stripes diagonally across it, but since I’ve done that on a few other things (this and this for example) I thought I should switch things up a bit. But apparently not too much because I decided to go with triangles which I’ve also done before (here and here). Oops. I guess it’s good to know what I like? Let’s go with that.

I was inspired by these napkins and like the semi-chaotic pattern of them. It meant no measuring, embracing imperfections, and being able to do however many I thought looked good.

DIY Painted Table Cloth //

What I used:
– Table cloth $2 (thrift stores usually have a whole bunch in different colors and sizes)
– Fabric paint $4 (I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, matte black from Michael’s. I only used about half a tube for this project)
– Painters tape $1 (dollar store)
– Brush or foam brush $1
– newspaper or garbage bags
Total cost: $8

DIY Painted Table Cloth //

Start by washing and drying your table cloth. I probably should’ve ironed mine too since it sat folded up for a few weeks, but with the pattern I was doing it didn’t really matter.

Lay the paper or plastic bags on the floor or table and lay the table cloth over top. The fabric paint will soak through and so if you skip the newspaper you’ll have your lovely painted design all over your floor too.

Use the painters tape to make the design that you want all over the cloth. I knew I wanted the triangles to be only on the part that hangs over the table not on the top. So I measured the overhang to make sure it was even all the way around and marked the corners with tape so I knew how far up I could go.

DIY Painted Table Cloth // www.thelovelythings.comDIY Painted Table Cloth // DIY Painted Table Cloth // DIY Painted Table Cloth //

And then I started painting!

Things I learned while doing this:
– using a cardboard template leaves really messy edges
– reusing tape also leaves messy edges after the second or third time around
– using new tape every single time makes the cleanest lines
– using a foam brush soaks up a lot of paint so if you’re planning on painting more surface then you might need double the paint.

I would tape about 6-10 triangles at a time, paint them, and then peel the tape off right away. They took about half an hour to dry so I would just keep taping and painting my way around until I liked the way it looked. I’ll admit that originally I planned on making a lot more triangles, but I got lazy and decided that it didn’t need a million. Maybe one day I’ll go back and add some coloured triangles to it too… yes, totally planned for that ;)

DIY Painted Table Cloth // DIY Painted Table Cloth // DIY Painted Table Cloth // Combo-DIY Painted Table Cloth // www.thelovelythings.comDIY Painted Table Cloth //

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