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Happy Mail Sunday // envelope design

April 12, 2015

Today I thought I’d bring you some envelopeย ideas that some otherย wonderfully creative people have come up with. I especially love the last one with it’s hand painted beauty! Not that I could do that in any way, but I love that someone out there has the talent to ;) Enjoy!

diyย envelopes // Twigg Studio

Twigg Studiosor this envelope diyย // Honey We’re Home

Honey We're Home DIY Envelopes Collage.

hand lettered envelope how-to // MADE+remade


hand drawn jewels // Snailmail Shop

Snailmail Shop_Etsy

cityscape // Snailmail Magazine

Snailmail Magazine

banner and hand lettering // ilulily


banner and wreath // Pushing the Envelopes

Pushing the Envelope

hand painted illustration // Bianca Jagoe


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