Rainbows and Unicorns

March 20, 2015

Choose happiness // www.thelovelythings.com

Lately I’ve been having some of those moments as I scroll through social media and see other people’s posts and blogs. You know those moments, that feeling… what’s it called now, oh yeah jealousy. It’s not that I’m jealous of the pieces of their lives that they choose to show the world, but it’s more like, “Wow, that’s a really great idea/photo!…that I could’ve thought of, but since I didn’t I can’t ever do something like that now. And I can’t think of anything creative of my own now. I’m gonna go eat a cookie.” Sigh.

For me DIY’s and recipes are things that I like to try and recreate in my own way. Getting inspiration from other people, giving them full credit for the idea, and then doing my own take on it. We all win! But when I see projects that people come up with, or clever things they do on their blogs, or any photography I love, I obviously can’t do the same thing. Sometimes its creatively energizing to see these great ideas, but then there are times (more often then I want to admit) where it brings me down as I compare myself and my work to theirs. It’s the never ending, “I wish I thought of that”.

And then today happened. I don’t know why exactly or where it came from, but I had the realization that it doesn’t matter what other people are doing. What matters is that I love what I’m doing. That I find joy in the every day. That I remember why I started The Lovely Things and chose photography as my job. I don’t need to do what other people are doing to be successful, or try and get more likes or followers or whatever the current thing is. That’s not why I started this whole thing.

So today I’m choosing to love other people’s creativity and ideas! To appreciate that there are so many other people out there with the same interests and loves as me, and to use that to fuel my own creativity!

I’m not sure yet what that means for this blog exactly, but I’m thinking I need to add more of me. Less “Ah! I need to come up with something so I have a post this week!”. And more photography – it is, after all, what I enjoy most. I don’t think I’ve touched my old film camera (oh hey, Canon AE-1. I’ve missed you!) since photography school, which meant that today was the day I loaded film in it. I don’t know what will come of it yet, but I’m opening myself up to opportunities!

Choose happiness // www.thelovelythings.com

And so with this new mindset I think it’s important to share, support, and inspire each other out there in this big cyber-world. Without room for envy or self-doubt, just positivity and lifting each other up. And if that all sounds like unrealistic rainbows and unicorns then so be it. I like rainbows!

I thought it would be appropriate to end this with some links to a few projects that I loved the first time I saw them and keep going back to for updates:
enJOY it by Elisa Blaha Cripe: film project, Make29, Make&Give30. I also recommend listening to her podcasts. I’ve only listened to the first few so far, but they were awesome!
Treasures & Travels: a month of…

EDIT: I just came across an incredibly refreshing post/blogger who basically says exactly what I feel, but couldn’t figure out how to put it into words. She is real and honest and…. what’s another word for refreshing? There was a lot of “Yeah! Me too!” going on in my head as I scrolled through her posts. Check out this post and then read all the other ones (she started this year, so it doesn’t take long to catch up). And if you still have time you can check out her main blog, Hello Neverland

Choose happiness // www.thelovelythings.com

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  • Reply amanda March 20, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    Love this :) And I have an AE-1 too, it’s such a great camera. LMK if you ever want to go out and about to shoot some film :) I find that when I go out with my DSLR, I get frustrated about shots I missed or muffed. When I go out with my film camera, I just enjoy the activity/process and not the end result – it’s refreshing!

    • Reply amyzambonin March 20, 2015 at 3:44 pm

      That would be awesome!! Maybe when the snow melts a bit more we can go for a stroll somewhere :)

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